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Managing Conference Literature

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Managing Conference Literature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing Conference Literature. Sharon West Electronic Publications Manager Technical Publications Department. Authors register and submit PDF documents online Pubs Conference papers Journal articles Technical notes Reports Theses Technical design Conference proceedings

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managing conference literature

Managing Conference Literature

Sharon West

Electronic Publications Manager

Technical Publications Department

standard document process
Authors register and submit PDF documents online


Conference papers

Journal articles

Technical notes



Technical design

Conference proceedings

Workshop papers

Standard document process
slac document server unix
SLAC Document Server (Unix)
  • What’s on the server
    • ~11,500 Pub documents (~12.5 GB)
    • ~ 750 Report documents (~17 GB)
  • How they are stored
    • Abstract HTML pages
    • Single and multi-part PDFs
    • Other associated files (txt, ppt, mov, tar.gz, etc.)
  • How they are accessed
    • CGI-based URLs
    • Indexed by the SLAC site-wide search tool
electronic conference proceedings econf
Electronic conference proceedings (eConf)
  • eConf reports are generally:
    • Conference proceedings
    • Compiled and submitted by TechPub’s Publishing Team for conference editors
    • Published in HTML format to eConf Web site and linked to associated files
    • May also be published as CD/DVD or book
building an econf
Building an eConf

TechPubs builds Conference Web sites to facilitate:

  • Abstract collection (review/approval)
    • Online abstracts
    • Printed abstract books
  • Paper collection
    • Author instructions
    • Templates
    • Online paper submission
      • Secondary processing of any SLAC Pubs
  • Online Tracking
    • Status(review/approval)
  • Publication
    • Electronic - CD, DVD, eConf (Web)
    • Book format
advantages to online publishing
Advantages to online publishing
  • eConf reports can include links to:
    • Abstracts
    • Formal papers
    • Citation information
    • Video
    • Presentations
    • Photos
    • Other html pages
accessing econf reports
Accessing eConf reports
  • Find a SLAC document page
    • Provides various search options
    • Provides bibliographic information and links to conference record and individual papers
  • eConf
    • Provides SPIRES-based search of all papers associated with eConf proceeding
  • OSTI I
    • Information Bridge
links to slac econf proceedings
Links to SLAC eConf proceedings

Published In progress

Snowmass96 SLAC-R-732 SSI04


LP99 SLAC-R-563 TSRA04


Snowmass01 SLAC-R-599 FEL05

PEP-N01 SLAC-R-573


PIC02 SLAC-R-607

SSI02 SLAC-R-613

Tau02 SLAC-R-612

SSI03 SLAC-R-702



future plans for econf
Future plans for eConf
  • Web site makeover
    • Full-text search from eConf site
    • Metadata
    • Automated paper entry in SPIRES
    • Open access
    • Federated search