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Search Orientation Workshop. Office of Diversity and Equity. Welcome. Welcome to the Search Process module of the ODE Search Orientation Workshop Search Compliance Coordinators Hanna Prytko Katherine Johansen. Goals.

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Search orientation workshop

Search Orientation Workshop

Office of Diversity and Equity


Welcome to the Search Process module of the ODE Search Orientation Workshop

  • Search Compliance Coordinators

    • Hanna Prytko

    • Katherine Johansen


  • Gain an understanding of required search paperwork at both interview and hire phases

  • Become familiar with what ODE reviews and why

  • Identify the pieces and complete the search puzzle

Standard of review
Standard of Review

Good Faith Effort

The agency has demonstrated every good faith effort to achieve such goals (hiring, promotion and program goals) and despite these efforts has been unable to do so.

(Section 46a-68-59(b)(3))

Proving good faith
Proving Good Faith

  • Hiring and Promotional Goals Analysis

    • Detailed narrative of every hire and promotion

    • Narrative is written from the information in the search forms and search application

What s included in a narrative
What’s included in a narrative?

Six or more paragraphs describing:

Responsibilities of the position


Recruiting efforts

Applicant pool

Interview pool

Selected candidate

Job description
Job Description

  • Develop detailed and clear job description before you launch the search

  • Work with Human Resources

  • It is very important to state all the minimum and preferred qualifications in all job advertisements

  • Job advertisement is your “contract” with the public and the applicants

Qualifications and evaluation
Qualifications and Evaluation

  • Qualifications should be formulated from the job duties and responsibilities

  • Only stated minimum and preferred qualifications can be used for applicant evaluation and ranking

  • Qualifications cannot be added after advertising or after applicant pool is established


  • Minimum qualifications in job advertisement

    • Bachelor’s degree

    • Administrative experience

    • Microsoft Office Skills

    • Good communication skills

  • Applicant Pool of 75 candidates

    40 candidates have:

    • Bachelor’s degree

    • Office skills

    • Administrative experience

    • Apparent communication skills

Minimum and preferred

Minimum qualifications

To differentiate “qualified” and “unqualified” applicant

Preferred qualifications

Used to differentiate the interview and backup groups

Minimum and Preferred

Recruitment goals
Recruitment Goals

  • Goals are provided when you initiate a search in the on-line application

  • Goals are set to address underutilization

  • Use goals to determine recruiting sources and strategies

Recruitment goals1
Recruitment & Goals

  • Find and use recruitment sources that target goals

  • Prove the “casting of the broad net”

  • Prove our good faith efforts


  • CHRO views advertising solely in the “Opportunities” bulletin as reactive recruiting

  • Recruiting must indicate a good faith effort of aggressive and proactive recruiting

  • Search may not be allowed to proceed without proof of the good faith effort in recruiting

Recruitment strategy
Recruitment Strategy

  • Recruitment Strategies should be ongoing. A plan should be in place at the time a search is initiated.

  • ODE is now notified when a search receives budget approval and will follow up with departments on their strategy

  • Anticipated vs. Actual

Form 1 recruitment contacts
Form #1 Recruitment Contacts

Listing of all recruitment efforts


  • Advertisements (on-line and print)

  • Listserv postings

  • Postings, letters, and contacts with professional associations and conferences

  • Phone calls and letters to professionals contacts

  • All networking efforts

A note on advertising
A Note on Advertising

  • Staff Searches: at least two print advertisements (one may be online) with circulation appropriate for labor market area.

  • Faculty searches: at least one print advertisement (not online) in a professional journal appropriate to field or newspaper with national circulation.

Advertising continued
Advertising continued

  • Advertisements must state job title, duties, and minimum qualifications. (Contact HR for assistance)

  • Contact DISP for additional assistance (6-3855)

  • Required under 20 CFR 656.17 and 20 CFR 656.18 (Department of Labor Code of Federal Regulations)

Form 2 applicant log
Form #2 Applicant Log

Listing of all applicants

  • Shows applicant rankings

  • Justifies applicant ranking

  • Explains applicants’ exclusion from the interview pool

Form 2 applicant log1
Form #2Applicant Log

  • Documents that all applicants were screened against same objective criteria

  • Proves all applicants were evaluated based on stated qualifications

  • Proves there was no discrimination

Fields on the applicant log
Fields on the Applicant Log

Make an educated guess based on resume information for the following fields:

  • Race: otherwise default to white

    • Handout on determining race categories

  • Gender: otherwise default to male

  • Age

Ranking applicants
Ranking Applicants

Disposition Codes





A interview group
“A” = Interview group

  • Must be invited for interview

    • MeetAllminimum qualifications

    • Meet All or most preferred qualifications

    • Qualified UCPEA members to be interviewed

B back up group
“B” = Back up group

  • Meet all minimum qualifications

  • Some preferred qualifications

  • If “A” group depleted, “B” could be considered for interview

  • C intermediate group
    “C” = Intermediate group

    • Just meet the minimum qualifications

    • Lack preferred qualifications

  • Qualified but not considered for interview

  • U unqualified group
    “U” = Unqualified group

    • Do not meet the minimum qualifications

  • Are never considered for interview

  • Could not be hired

  • Disposition reasons
    Disposition Reasons

    • Where SCCs spend most time and attention during the review

    • Justifies candidates’ exclusion from “A” group

    • Biggest potential for audit and litigation

    Disposition reasoning and qualifications
    Disposition Reasoningand Qualifications

    • Cannot add or change qualifications at evaluation stage

    • UConn experience as a qualification

    Inferred qualifications
    “Inferred” Qualifications

    • Job Duties vs. Job Qualifications

    • Remember: Many candidates will make the assumption that they will be trained on job duties.

    • Candidates expect to be evaluated on only skills, experience, knowledge etc. listed as qualifications.

    Subjective and vague language
    Subjective and vague language

    • Comments based on feelings and emotions

    • “Gut feeling”

    • Comments that are not specific and concrete


    “The committee felt the candidate would not be able to handle the mental demands of the position”

    “The applicant was not a good fit”

    “The applicant lacked relevant experience”

    Remember !

    • Specific and concrete statements

    • Statements related to qualifications

    • Objective statements

    • No feelings or emotions

    • Use the questions:

    • What kind, how much, how many

    Discriminatory language
    Discriminatory language

    • Statements related to an applicant’s race, color, ethnicity, religious creed, gender, marital or family status, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, physical appearance, age and/or citizenship


    • “The female candidate..”

    • “The applicant was too old for the demands of the position”

    • “The applicant did not possess a visa”

    Overlapping dispositions
    Overlapping dispositions

    • Candidates cannot be ranked differently for the same reason

    • Must have a differentiating factor


    Log #1 ranked “B”

    • Reasoning: Limited computer skills

      Log #3 ranked “C”

    • Reasoning: Limited computer skills

    Logical progression of applicant ranking
    Logical Progression of Applicant Ranking

    • Applicants ranked lower cannot be more qualified

    • “A” candidates should be more qualified than “B” candidates

    • “B” candidates should be more qualified than “C” candidates


    • Can a candidate be overqualified?

      • Indication of age discrimination

      • Subjective reasoning – assumption

      • Not understanding reason for candidate’s application

      • Candidate meets all of the qualifications

    Other problem areas
    Other problem areas

    • Use of outside or second hand knowledge

    • Use of candidate’s geographic location

    Form 3 summary of the applicant pool
    Form #3Summary of the Applicant Pool

    • Numeric breakdown by race and gender of the applicant pool

    • Calculated automatically in the on-line application

    • Used for quantitative analyses such as the Adverse Impact Tests and Applicant Flow Analysis, which track applicants through the search process

    Interview certification
    Interview Certification

    • What does ODE require for interview approval?

      • Forms 1, 2, and 3

        • Submit Request to Interview to ODE (Main Menu)

      • Resumes

        • See Form # 5

    Interview certification1
    Interview Certification

    • For current “snapshot” of applicant pool

    • Changes to applicant pool require re-submission/recertification

    • Interviews cannot be scheduled or conducted prior to receiving an Interview Certification


    • Reasonable regarding scheduling times

    • Can use phone interviews for first round for all candidates

    • Ensure same treatment of all applicants

    • All “A” candidates must be invited for interview

    Form 4 selection report
    Form #4Selection Report

    • Provides a disposition of all interviewed applicants

    • All applicants ranked “A” must be accounted for

      • Including applicants who withdrew

    Form 4 selection report1
    Form #4 Selection Report

    • 4 to 5 sentences for the selected candidate detailing why this candidate is the best choice for the position

    • 2 to 3 sentences for candidates not selected explaining why candidates will not be offered the position

    What do we look for
    What do we look for?

    • Concrete, objective reasoning

    • Candidates evaluated appropriately

    • Non-discriminatory language

    • Clear, convincing picture of why this candidate will be selected


    • “The candidate appeared nervous.”

    • “The candidate did not make eye contact.”

    • “The candidate’s experience with UConn systems and the UConn campus…”

    • “The search committee felt that the candidate lacked sufficient confidence to succeed with her male colleagues.”

    • “The candidate lacked relevant experience.”

    Hire certification
    Hire Certification

    • What does ODE require for a Hire Certification?

    • Properly completed Form#4 for all interviewed applicants

      • Submit Request to Hire to ODE (main menu)

    • Copy of the draft offer letter

    Hire certification1
    Hire Certification

    • ODE notifies Human Resources of an approval

    • HR sends the department the final approval

    • No offer can be made without ODE certification and HR approval

    • If a candidate declines, each subsequent offer will require an additional ODE and HR approval

    Other search types
    Other search types



    Limited searches

    Defined in handout

    Contact ODE to discuss individual situations

    Completed search puzzle
    Completed Search Puzzle

    • Understand the Search Process Paperwork

    • Understand ODE’s role

    • Complete the search puzzle quickly and easily!

    Search help desk
    Search Help Desk

    For assistance with questions about the on-line search application and technical issues

    P 486-3033


    Contact information
    Contact Information

    Office of Diversity and Equity

    Wood Hall Room 112

    Unit 2175

    P 860-486-2943

    F 860-486-2437