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Fif. fth Grade. Information. Big Events. Stay Safe Camp Jolt Graduation. Important Times. School Beginning Times 7:40 am Children come into the rooms 7:50 am Instruction begins in the class room Lunch Times Rivera/Fulton 11:15-11:45 am Stowers /Mitchell 11:20-11:50 am

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big events
Big Events
  • Stay Safe
  • Camp Jolt
  • Graduation
important times
Important Times

School Beginning Times

  • 7:40 am Children come into the rooms
  • 7:50 am Instruction begins in the class room

Lunch Times

  • Rivera/Fulton 11:15-11:45 am
  • Stowers/Mitchell 11:20-11:50 am
  • Routh 11:25-11:55 am


  • 2:45 pm Walkers
  • 2:50 pm Car Riders

All homework will be assigned on an as needed basis. Please be sure to check the agenda for assigned homework.

class room behavior
Class Room Behavior

Savannah implements a classroom management approach referred to as C.H.A.M.P.S. Students have clear expectations set for them in each classroom for each activity.

Behavior plan (in a six weeks period)

Level 0 -   Warning tag (front side only) visual reminder

Level 1 -   1 warning tag, 5 minutes off recess

Level 2 -   2 warning tags, 10 minutes off recess

Level 3 -   3 warning tags, 15 minutes off recess

Level 4 -   4 check marks, office referral

*Students who receive 3 or more warning tags in a six week period will be ineligible for Gatoriffic for the six weeks.

reading goals
Reading Goals

 1. Develop tools and skills to become independent readers for


  2. Understand expository text in order to gain and use

information about our world. 

  3. Understand literary text using comprehension strategies to

become self-directed, critical readers.

reading skills
Reading Skills

Expository (Non-fiction)

  • Analyze information
  • Draw conclusions
  • Provide evidence from text to support their understanding
  • Summarize the main idea and supporting details
  • Use multiple text features and graphics to locate info

 Literary (Fiction)

  • Recognize setting, narrators, characters, plot, and theme
  • Infer and draw conclusions
  • Explain the purpose of various points of view
  • Compare and contrast themes
how can parents help
How Can Parents Help?

Remember we want our children to see that reading is a life long skill and when we can share what we've been reading with others, it helps us become more engaged in what we're reading.

Sample questions to ask for understanding:

  • What is your purpose for reading this text?
  • What questions do you have while reading?
  • What did the reading remind you of or what did you learn?
  • How did it make you feel? Why?
social studies

Social Studies

SS Units of Study

*Social studies will be integrated into

reading lessons by using both fiction

and nonfiction literature related to

our unit of study.

1st Six Weeks - Culture, Customs, Traditions

Celebrate Freedom Week - September 15 – 19

2nd Six Weeks - Colonial America

3rd Six Weeks - American Revolution

4th Six Weeks - U.S. Constitution

5th Six Weeks - Westward Expansion/Civil War

6th Six Weeks – 20th century

science big ideas
Science Big Ideas


  • Earth and Space
  • Matter and Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Organisms and Their Environment
math big ideas

Math Big Ideas

Mathematical Processes

Order of Operations


Geometry and Measurement

Data analysis, statistics and Probability

Problem Solving/Plan a Strategy

Identify math in everyday situations