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Unit 4 My Day

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Unit 4 My Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4 My Day. Reading 1. School life. I love our school very much. From Monday to Friday , I am never late for school. In the morning , I usually clean my office first . After school, I like to do after-school activities with my students. Sometimes I chat with them.

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unit 4 my day

Unit 4 My Day

Reading 1

school life
School life

I love our school very much. From Monday to Friday, I am neverlate for school. In the morning, I usually clean my office first.

After school, I like to do after-schoolactivities with my students. Sometimes I chat with them.

They tell me a lot of interesting things.

All of us have a good time at our school.


what about you?

Do you do morning exercises?

How much time do you spend on morning exercises?

Do you have any sports at school?

What sports do you have?

When do you have sports?

Do you want to be thebest basketball player?

best 最好的

all the best 一切顺利

I think you should practise hard.

I wish you success.

wish v.祝愿


Best wishes 最美好祝愿

in our school there are many things to do i d like you to introduce your school life
In our school, there are many things to do. I’d like you to introduce your school life.

We go to school from… to …

Our school starts at …

We have lessons in …

After class, … chat with …

… practise doing …

… have a good time…

millie writes to her online friend tommy in her e mail we ll know her school life
Millie writes to her online friend Tommy. In her e-mail, we’ll know her school life.

Let’s read the e-mail first and answer the following questions.

What team is Millie in?

She is in the school volleyball team.

select information
Select information

Please listen and read the e-mail once more and tell me:

What does Millie do at school?

do morning exercises

chat with friends

go to the library

read books in the Reading Club

play volleyball

have lessons

play in the playground

memory test
Memory test

Tommy wants to know what Millie and her classmates do on a school day.

Help him match each activity with correct time.

Listen again and finish exercise in Part B1.


Let’s read Millie’s e-mail after the tape.

There are five paragraphs in this email.

I’d like every group to read one paragraph.

Tommy takes notes about Millie’s email. Read them and judge T/F.

work in pairs
Work in pairs
  • On what day does Millie go to school in a week?
  • When does their school start?
  • What do they do first at school?
  • What lesson does Millie like?
  • When do Millie and her friends play in the playground?
  • Where does Millie sometimes go in the afternoon?
  • When does Millie practise volleyball?

From Monday to Friday.

At eight in the morning.

Do morning exercises.


After class.

She goes to the library.

On Wednesday afternoon.

fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks

Millie is a student at Sunshine Middle School. She l____ her school.

Their school b____ at eight ____________. They usually do ____________________ f____. Her favourite s__________ is English. She is good at it.

Millie has a lot of f______ at school. All of them are ____________________. After class, they often c___ with ____________ or play in the playground.



in the morning

morning exercises




nice to her


each other

Sometimesshe goes to the l_______ in the afternoon. They often _______________ in the Reading Club on Tuesday and Thursday. She a_____ likes playing volleyball. Millie and her friends p________ volleyball on Wednesday afternoon.

They have ______________at school.


read books



a good time

useful phrases
Useful phrases



1. at eight in the morning

2. from Monday to Friday

3. my favourite subject

4. be nice to sb.

5. chat with each other

6. play in the playground

7. go to the library

8. In the afternoon

9. have a Reading Club

10. In the school volleyball team













11. practise doing sth.

12. after school

13. on Wednesday afternoon

14. have a good time

15. best wishes

16. go to the Reading Club





1 read the email fluently

2 try to recite the email

3 finish the exercise