naia athletic presentation by jack hank dean of student life l.
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“NAIA Athletic Presentation” by Jack Hank, Dean of Student Life PowerPoint Presentation
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“NAIA Athletic Presentation” by Jack Hank, Dean of Student Life

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“NAIA Athletic Presentation” by Jack Hank, Dean of Student Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“NAIA Athletic Presentation” by Jack Hank, Dean of Student Life

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  1. “NAIA Athletic Presentation”by Jack Hank, Dean of Student Life Our Lady of the Lake University

  2. Rationale for Proposal Athletic proposal to enhance recruitment and retention of students to assist in Positioning for Growth Strategic Plan. • Goal 1 Strengthen University as a community. Objective 1.1 Initiate and expand programs to attract all students’ participation in the University community at large. Objective 1.2 Expand programs that will attract a wider range of alumni to participate in the life of the University. • Goal 2 Build University enrollment through strategic recruitment and retention. Objective 2.1 Enroll over 4000 undergraduate and graduate students. In doing so, reflect the diversity of the ethnic populations of the Southwest.

  3. Assumptions • The University Board of Trustees and President will endorse this athletic proposal and take ownership of an NAIA athletic program. • Funding for Athletics program will be financed by raising money and endowing the program. The goal will be that tuition dollars will not be spent on this program ($3 million endowment for an annual budget of $150,000). • We will recruit students who meet all academic admission requirements to OLLU. • Title IX guidelines, which mandates equal number of men and women’s sports, will be followed. • Initial programs will include men’s soccer and women’s volleyball, with the opportunity to add more sports as deemed necessary.

  4. Desired Outcomes • Increase in Recruitment & Retention • School Spirit • New Traditions • Alumni Involvement

  5. NAIA Membership Requirements • No minimum sport requirement but must have equal number of men and women’s sports • NAIA member institutions count all institutionally controlled aid given to its student-athletes. • NAIA application fee $ 1,500 non-refundable due by late December for an August start. • Annual membership dues - $4,800 • Affiliated conference average dues are $3,200 • Region membership dues (vary by region) - $250-$400

  6. NAIASanctioned Sports Men Women Baseball Softball Basketball Basketball Cross Country Cross Country Football Volleyball Golf Golf Indoor Track and Field Indoor Track and Field Outdoor Track and Field Outdoor Track and Field Soccer Soccer Swimming and Diving Swimming and Diving Tennis Tennis

  7. Conference Option Red River Conference • 14 schools, 11 in Texas • • Sports offered for Men Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Track and Field • Sports offered for Women Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Track and Field

  8. Red River ConferenceMember Institutions Huston- Tillotson University Austin, TX Bacone College Muskogee, OK Houston Baptist University Houston, TX Langston University Langston, OK Jarvis Christian College Hawkins, TX Northwood University Cedar Hill, TX Paul Quinn College Dallas, TX Texas College Tyler, TX College of the Southwest Hobbs, NM Texas Wesleyan University Fort Worth, TX Wiley College Marshall, TX SW Assemblies of God University Waxahachie, TX Texas A&M International University Laredo. TX University of Texas of the Permian Basin Odessa, TX

  9. Time Line to Participate in Fall 06’ Application Dates • January 9 April 9th decision rendered to participate in 06-07’ • June 26 September 26th decision rendered to participate in 06-07’ School is not eligible after the first season for post-season play • The application fee is $1,500 non- refundable which includes a campus visit from NAIA committee. The committee would be scheduled to meet with the President and Athletic Administration to evaluate the institution readiness.

  10. Budget Men’s Soccer Program Institution # of Operating Total Head Men Expense per Operating Coaches Participant Ave. Salary Wiley College 21 $371 $ 7,798 $29,702 Hardin-Simmons 26 $762 $19,820 $37,729 UT-PB 23 $926 $21,300 $23,637 Trinity 30 $2,111 $63,337 $37,254 St Mary's 31 $581 $17,997 $38,371 Texas Lutheran 27 $773 $20,860 $42,000 Incarnate Word 31 $874 $27,102 $45,252 St. Edwards 28 $916 $25,655 $46,167 Source:

  11. BudgetsWomen’s Volleyball Program Institution # of Operating Total Head Women Expense per Operating Coaches Participant Ave. Salary Wiley College 21 $565 $11,857 $29,952 Hardin-Simmons 14 $1,015 $14,215 $29,133 UT-PB 14 $2,213 $30,978 $32,222 Trinity 16 $2,950 $47,206 $31,735 St Mary's 13 $3,250 $42,253 $23,760 Texas Lutheran 18 $1,562 $28,123 $35,000 Incarnate Word 11 $1,881 $20,689 $38,356 St. Edwards 11 $3,423 $37,648 $42,703 Source:

  12. Draft Athletic Organizational Chart

  13. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • Who is in control of the Athletic Program? The control of athletics shall be the responsibility of the institution’s chief executive officer. No member institution shall participate in any athletic contest which is not under the direct control and supervision of the institution’s administration. The institution’s chief executive officer is encouraged to appoint a faculty athletic committee to act in an advisory capacity.

  14. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • What is the deadline for membership application that would allow us to participate in the Fall of 2006. January 9th is the early deadline (decision on April 9th ), and the last deadline is June 26th (decision on Sept. 26th). For either deadline, the school would become a member of the NAIA during the 2006-07 academic year. A similar timeline would be in place the following year. A school is not eligible for postseason play the first year of membership. Because of this, some schools join the NAIA a year earlier than they otherwise might in order to complete the one-year waiting period.

  15. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • NAIA application fee is $ 1,500 non-refundable due by January 9, 2006 for an August start. What does the $1,500 application fee cover? The application fee is due upon submission of the membership application which could be January or June. NAIA will bring a committee of 4 to the campus; one staff member and several others (president, athletic director, and faculty athletics representative) to campus for a day-long orientation/evaluation. The application fee covers those expenses plus other processing expenses related to the application.

  16. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • Do we have to join a conference or can we go independent?  What implications would there be if we do not join a conference? It is not required to join a conference. The main challenge facing independent institutions is scheduling. A major portion of the schedule for a conference member is pre-determined and independents must build their entire schedules. If you did not join a conference you would save on conference dues of approximately $3,200. The only other dues (besides NAIA dues) would be regional dues (typically around $250-400).

  17. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • Is there a minimum sport requirement to participate in the NAIA?  If we were in a conference would that change? Some conferences do have minimum sport requirements. The Red River Athletic Conference, which is the NAIA conference in Texas and Oklahoma, does not have minimum sport requirements at this time. However, the conference presidents are meeting in early December and sport requirements is one of the agenda items.

  18. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • Are athletic scholarships allowed?  What if we do not want to give scholarships? Schools are not required to give athletic scholarships. Under the NAIA definition of financial aid, any institutionally controlled financial aid would count.

  19. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • Does the Institution receive any benefit for recruiting good student athletes? NAIA rewards institutions for recruiting good students for their athletic programs. Member institutions either do not count or count only half of the aid given to a student-athlete if a certain grade point average is achieved . This is part of the financial aid policy.

  20. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • Are you willing to make a campus visit if a presentation needs to be made to the powers that be?  What would be our expenses, if any? NAIA can send a representative on a campus visit at our expense. In fact, an NAIA official will be in San Antonio for a convention Dec. 13-16.

  21. Frequently Asked NAIA Questions • To satisfy Title IX, do we have equal number of men and women’s sports? Yes, Title IX is federal law which must be followed.

  22. Thank you! Contributions by: Jack Hank Randy Dietz, Chris Krafcik Dr. Mary Kay Cooper Stefany Mitchell

  23. NCAA Division IMembership Requirements • Must sponsor 14 sports, at least 7 for women. • Schools with football are either Division IA or IAA. • Schools without football are considered IAAA. • Must meet minimum, and must not exceed maximum financial aid requirements. • NCAA Application fee is $25,000 due December 1st. • Annual NCAA dues are $1,800.

  24. NCAA Division IIMembership Requirements • Must sponsor 10 sports, at least 5 for women. • A minimum, total expenditure of $250,000 in athletically related financial aid with at least $125,00 in women’s sports. • NCAA Application fee $ 12,000. • Non-refundable exploratory fee of $1,000. • Annual NCAA Dues $900.

  25. NCAA Division IIIMembership Requirements • Must sponsor 10 sports, at least 5 for women. • No athletic related grants in aid are permitted. • NCAA Application fee is $ 12,000. • Non-refundable exploratory fee of $500 due September 1st . • Annual NCAA dues are $900.