hybrid cars are the future l.
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Hybrid Cars are the Future

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Hybrid Cars are the Future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hybrid Cars are the Future. Courtesy of Eatheasy. Author Morris Engl 1101 Professor Walker. Thesis .

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hybrid cars are the future

Hybrid Cars are the Future

Courtesy of Eatheasy

Author Morris

Engl 1101

Professor Walker

  • The new innovations and advances in technology have enabled a new generation of hybrid cars to both reduce fuel cost and to enable drivers to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by their car (environmental defense).

Coutersy of Eartheasy

automobile in the past
Automobile in the past
  • Some of the major reasons automobiles in the past decades caused so many problems was because of their large engines and bulky transmissions.
  • Some of the major pollution from cars back then were nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds. They are said be the cause of 30% of the smog forming, and 60% of the air pollution in the world today (enviroalternatives).

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automobiles before
Automobiles: Before
  • Automobiles in the past were mostly used for power and major performance. Car manufactures usually made vehicles with only two types of engines.
  • Stirling engine: An engine in which work is performed by the expansion of a gas at high temperature; heat for the expansion is supplied through the wall of the piston cylinder(wikipedia).
  • Steam engine: An engine that converts the heat energy of pressurized steam into mechanical energy, especially one in which steam drives a piston in a closed cylinder(wikipedia).

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safety tips to prevent pollution
Safety Tips to prevent pollution
  • Automobiles are said to be the key to stopping global warning (environmental defense).
  • Due to every day use, cars are said to account for 20% of our nations global warming pollution (environmental defense).
  • As a result of so much pollution over time deadly disease like lung cancer, repertory problems, urban smog, and acid rain are caused (bicycle universe) .
  • Some major safety tips that will help average citizens to prevent pollution would be to keep oil changed, fuel injection cleaned out and changing of all filters monthly.
hybrid engines
Hybrid Engines

Courtesy of Wikipedia

  • Contain internal combustion engines
  • Internal combustion engines are heat engines in which the burning of fuel is in a confined place called combustion chamber (Wikipedia).
  • Four examples are Gas Turbine, Rocket propulsion, Rotary engine, and Turbine propulsion.
hybrids cars of the future
Hybrids: Cars of the future
  • Why are hybrid cars said to be the things of the futures?
  • One because ,there very efficient, lower cost of gas over time ,and a major friend to our environment.
  • Even though they can cost from $2,500 to $3,000 more than conventional vehicles, they prevent the damage of certain unrenewable resources and raw materials like; Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxide and Hydrocarbons (Omninerd).
  • No they’re not the answer to all our pollution problems, but if a lot more people invested in them we would
  • have a safer environment.
what i like about hybrids
What I like about Hybrids
  • Hybrid are a lot more efficient and can cause less pollution to our environment and atmosphere.
  • They come with great new incentives such as; Gas and electric combined motor, electronically controlled transmission, CFC air conditioning, LCD energy monitor, and some may offer up to fifty miles per gallon on the highway.
  • As a student a hybrid vehicle may be out of my price range, but it will somehow pay for its self in the future.

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dislikes about hybrids
Dislikes about Hybrids

Smaller engines

Limited cargo and seating space

Price premium on these vehicles is prohibitively high (Consumerist).

Reports notes that after five years, the average owner of a hybrid has not recouped the premium on gasoline savings, and this holds true even if you push out the time line to ten years (Consumerist).

regular cars
Regular Cars
  • Are not a thing of the past, but just little toys that will be brought out on the weekends.
  • Hybrid cars are said to be a lot more efficient and pollute less, but automobiles from the past are still capable for every day use as long as we kept the maintenances up and our emissions checked (Mobil 1).

Coutersy of Ebay

work citied
Work citied
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