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Educational Committee Report

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Educational Committee Report. Takashi Tsubouchi   Inst. of Engineering Mechanics and Systems  University of Tsukuba. Paolo Fiorini Computer Science Department Universit y of Verona. Organization of Special Session on Robotics Education (ICRA04)

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educational committee report

Educational Committee Report

  • Takashi Tsubouchi
  •   Inst. of Engineering Mechanics and Systems
  •  University of Tsukuba

Paolo Fiorini

Computer Science Department

University of Verona

Organization of Special Session on Robotics Education (ICRA04)

Participation to Workshop on Robotics Education (ICRA04)

Column on Education in the Magazine (starting Sept.)

Long Range Planning Sub Committee


ICRA03 - September 2003

special session on robotics education
4K$ funds approved for travel support

17 Papers submitted: 6 papers selected by a panel of 8 reviewers (3 from Europe and 3 from USA)

Two session with 3 more papers added

Session was well attended

Special Session on Robotics Education

ICRA03 - September 2003

edcom lrp sub committee

Paolo Fiorini

Alicias Casals

Bernardo Wagner

Alex Leonessa

Illah Nourbakhsh

Takashi Tsubouchi

Richard Volz

Uwe ??

Anna Friesel

Stewart ?? (Microsoft)

Gerard McKee

Sanjay Joshi

EdCom LRP Sub-Committee

ICRA03 - September 2003

issues from work shop on robotics education
Tutorials and Workshops

Registration for tutorials only

Tutorials free for students

Publication of tutorial material

Web initiatives

Website maintained by (and of) RAS EdCom

Webcasts of conference Tutorials (or play on demand)

Web access to material


Coordination of educational competitions


Produce h/w developed by some group

Curricula and Pedagogy

Educate in ethics and issues other than technical

Publication on how to teach robotics

Develop a pedagogical model on how to teach robotics


Sponsor specific publications on education on robotics

Periodic special issues of Magazine

Venue for publishing work on education

Organization/implementation of plan

Spend Edcom budget to hire a person that would do something (prof at teaching college)

Be a central way to coordinate EdCom activities

Coordinate with Educational Technical Committee

Issues from Work Shop on Robotics Education

ICRA03 - September 2003

issues from lrp sub committee
Curricula and School

People and subjects on automation

School on automation similar to robotics

Certificaiton in continuing education courses

This committee work on a reference curriculum on robotics, to prepare accreditation

General goal : to improve learning and teaching in robotics education


PERMANENT SCHOOL where to invest 20K per year, robotics. Industry, automation

Handbook of robotics for non engineers

Web initiatives

Centralized web/electronics resources

webcast could be complementary to the DVD

Use and enhance the webbook, RAS can take over for the long term

Teaching material

Collection of selected papers, the key point will be the introduction and the connection among them

distance learning (CD for classes with lectures material) workshops and tutorial packaged as a DVD

courses on DVD effort at ieee

Work on taxonomy of robotics defining terms and contents

Evaluation of tools books, courses, .. Rating of resources


purchase many robots and rent them to colleges on a semester basis

design and construction of a educational robot, to be manufactured by a commercial company with ieee doing the first big purchase and sell it later to users.

A very cheap robot for underdeveloped countries

Development of robots out of competition, budget in prices

Partnership with lego to buy a large quantity of kits to be sold to members (difficult to get discount) stamp of approval of IEEE, development of teaching material for the kits


host regional bot-ball contest

Organization/implementation of plan

Circulate list and prioritize the item in the next ten years

Meet at iros to finalize the list and work on a roadmap how to achieve to these objectives.

Discuss model of execution, to support a person, at least half budget

Write a white paper to NSF to ask for support of education in robotics, with specific topics (write call for proposals to nsf)


Initiate constant session on education in robotics conferences, different from the main sessions

Issues from LRP sub-committee

ICRA03 - September 2003