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Motivating and Inspiring Teachers By: Todd Whitaker PowerPoint Presentation
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Motivating and Inspiring Teachers By: Todd Whitaker

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Motivating and Inspiring Teachers By: Todd Whitaker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Motivating and Inspiring Teachers By: Todd Whitaker. Presented by: Alissa Jean. The Role of the Leader. 3. Social Needs- the need to belong and for acceptance 4. Esteem Needs- the need for self respect, appreciation and recognition. .

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the role of the leader
The Role of the Leader

3. Social Needs- the need to belong and for acceptance

4. Esteem Needs- the need for self respect, appreciation and recognition.

5. Self-actualization needs- the desire to maximize ones own potential

  • Physiological Needs- food, water, sleep and oxygen
  • Safety and Security- the need for physical safety, order and structure

Meeting Hierarchy of Needs

the role of the leader1
The Role of the Leader

Understanding Staff Dynamics

Three types of teachers:

Superstars- these represent the top 3-10% of teachers in a school. They are often effective and respected by their peers. These are your teacher leaders. Know they want two things: autonomy and recognition.

Backbones- good, solid teachers and are the heart of the faculty. Good stable hardworking teachers.

Mediocre- if they left, they could be easily replaced.

When dealing with school morale, start with your superstars. Most want to start with the disgruntled but- when the leaders are not happy, then everyone is unhappy.

creating a good climate
Creating A Good Climate

Rules- Avoid trying to alter the behavior of less effective staff by implementing rules. The ones most likely to follow it are the superstars, not the less effective staff. Find other ways to work to improve ineffective staff.

When implementing a new rule ask these three questions:

  • What is my true purpose in implementing this policy?
  • Will it actually accomplish its purpose?
  • How will my most positive and productive people feel about this policy?
keys to a good climate
Keys to a Good Climate

The leader is the one responsible for the climate.

  • Be visible- lunch room, car loop, extracurricular activities
  • Know your teachers strengths and respect a variety of approaches
  • Know your staff- beyond the school
  • Communication is key
  • Have positive and productive staff meetings
raise the praise it is what you say and how you say it
Raise the Praise- It is What You Say and How You Say It

“What people perceive is what they feel is the truth.”

Keep in mind:

  • People do not want to be heard, they want you to listen
  • Be aware of watching clocks, being distracted, not making eye contact and working while they are talking to you.
  • It is important to show sincere interest.

“It is a fine line between giving someone a suggestion for improvement and damaging the person’s psyche.”

the friday focus
The Friday Focus

The Friday Focus is a staff memo that when developed and used properly can help provide management and leadership for an organization.

When used correctly it can be a weekly moral booster.

Why Friday?

what is in a friday focus
What is in a Friday Focus
  • Include a calendar of upcoming events- this gives your teachers time to plan.
  • Information you can tell your teachers in writing without taking up valuable meeting time.
  • You can use it for staff development.
  • Quotes heard around campus-

“I am really enjoying my master’s cohort”

“I have already learned so much”

the monthly meeting from drab to dynamite
The Monthly Meeting- From Drab to Dynamite
  • “It is possible to have a staff meeting that staff members look forward to and value.”
  • BUT HOW?????
  • Keep topics that can be handled in writing out of the meeting.
  • Build an agenda with the staff
  • Make sure the discussion affects most of the staff
  • Stick to a timeline
  • Always start and finish on a positive
  • Have different teachers facilitate
  • Have a lot laughs
more friday focus success tips
More Friday Focus Success Tips:
  • Use colored paper and always the same color.
  • Create an attractive format you can use weekly.
  • Make sure it is in staff mailboxes at the same time every week.
  • Post the current Friday Focus in the teacher’s lounge.
  • Collect quotes, inspirational thoughts and cartoons.
  • Make notes of things you see out and about.
  • Include “Friday Focus Featured Folks”
this sounds really exhausting to get it all done
This sounds really exhausting to get it all done?

Remember to take care of yourself. Find a passion and allow yourself to enjoy it.

Go into classrooms and watch the great things happening. Enjoy the good.

Praising your parents and students makes you feel good too.

what is the best part
What is the best part?

“You have the power to make everyone feel like someone special.”

Take care of your teachers,

Take care of your students,

Take care of you!