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Media III

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Media III. 5/3/2012. Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives in Written Form. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: discuss and critically analyze political events in the United States government

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Media III

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media iii

Media III


clearly communicated learning objectives in written form
Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives in Written Form
  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
    • discuss and critically analyze political events in the United States government
    • students will be able to identify and explain the role of  informal institutions and their effect on policy. 
office hours and readings
Office Hours and Readings
  • Pages 130-151
  • Office Hours
    • Today 11-2
biographical ads
Biographical Ads
  • Inform us about the Candidate
  • Very important early in the campaign
issue ads
Issue Ads
  • Focus on a specific issue or a policy area
  • Associate yourself with favorable policies
  • Do not mention issue weakness
attack ads
Attack Ads
  • The Norm Rather than the Exception
  • The Mother of all Attack Ads
the effect of attack ads on voters
The Effect of Attack ads on voters
  • Some voters become disenchanted and disaffected
  • Your Base Loves them!
how effective are these
How Effective are these
  • If they didn’t work, candidates wouldn’t run them
  • The Lessons of 1988
    • The Revolving Door
    • Willie Horton
why they work and who uses them more
Why They Work and Who uses them more
  • We don’t trust politicians
  • They are more memorable and informative
  • Challengers and vulnerable incumbents use them
do not give your opponent ammo
Do Not Give your Opponent Ammo
  • Never go to a Playboy Party
  • Don’t Drive a Tank with a big helmet
  • Gee, thanks a lot IKE
  • The Defining Sound bite of 2008
how to deal with them
How To Deal with them
  • Defend the Charges
    • Kerry Flip-Flopping on the issues
    • The Kerry  Rebuttal
  • Counterattack on the same issue or up the ante- The Puppy Ad
  • Attack the Credibility of your opponent
how not to deal with them
How not to deal with them
  • Do Nothing
    • The Initial Ad
    • Swiftboats
    • Kerry’s rebuttal to swiftboats?
  • If you get Punched in the nose, you must punch back
how the attack can backfire
How the attack can backfire
  • If you are seen as being too evil
ads can backfire
Ads Can Backfire
  • You do it too late to make a difference
  • You bring a knife to a gun fight
media bias1
Media Bias
  • Everyone Complains about it
  • Structural Bias
  • Political Bias
where it comes from
Where it Comes From
  • Bias to the Right
  • Bias to the Left
bias in 2008
Bias in 2008
  • 8 of 10 Journalists planned to vote for Obama
the reality of it all
The Reality of it all
  • Anti-Incumbent and Anti President
  • Bad News is better than Good
  • You can find it if you look
  • Media remains a business
confirmation bias
Confirmation Bias
  • We favor information that meets our viewpoint
  • We do not care if it is true or false
  • All other information is biased
where we see the most bias
Where We see the Most Bias
  • Editorial Pages
  • Talk Radio
  • The Internet