Developing administrative goals
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Developing Administrative Goals. or….the last thing on your To Do list!. Introductions. Linda Eno , Ed.D: MCVSD Principal, Biotechnology HS Who are You? Name, District, Title.

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Developing administrative goals

Developing Administrative Goals

or….the last thing on your To Do list!


Linda Eno, Ed.D:

MCVSD Principal, Biotechnology HS

Who are You?

Name, District, Title

  • deck developed with support from Marie Phillips, Willa Spicer, and publically available DOE documents

Objectives today we will
Objectives: today we will..

  • re-establishthe context for administrative goals

  • explore a process for building administrative goals

  • collectively consider best practices for developing goals

  • apply the learning to choosing, writing, or improving your administrative goals

Reestablishing the context

Reestablishing the Context

….of administrative goals

Moving from pilot to regulation the essential question
Moving From Pilot to Regulation: The Essential Question

Whatare the behaviors that we want to induce from school leaders?

Guided by the ISLLC standards:

  • Committing to student achievement. School leaders need to be vested in the SGPs, SGO’s coming from their buildings.

  • Prioritizing the conditions that allow teachers to do their best work. Things like school climate, and organizational planning.

  • Strengthening the ability and attitude that get the best people to work in our classrooms and getting the people that work in our classrooms to be the best they can be: the evaluation leadership.

Developing administrative goals

A summary statement from the research:

  • “Although the direct effects of school leadership leading to increased student achievement are weak, school leaders indeed play an important role in indirectly impacting student achievement by forming and facilitating an educational culture that breeds student success through collaboration and team oriented models. (Chrispeels, Burke, Johnson & Daly, 2008; Leithwood & Mascall, 2008; Robinson, Lloyd & Rowe, 2008) Kruger, Witziers and Sleegers (2007) postulated that “leadership is no longer proposed as having a direct influence on learning outcomes, but as having an indirect influence through the way it has an impact on instructional organization and culture” (p. 3)”.



    James D. Rautiola

Developing administrative goals

Where Administrative Goals Fit into Your Evaluation

Evaluation leadership the rubric the link between your practice and achieve nj
Evaluation Leadership (the rubric)… the link between your practice and Achieve NJ


So administrative goals weigh differently for different principals
So…Administrative Goals Weigh Differently for Different Principals

Goals valued at 10%-40% of summative based on type of school

a) Multi-Grade SGP = 10%

b) Single Grade SGP = 20%

c) Non-SGP School = 40%

How many goals will you set?

From context to process outstanding decisions for districts
From Context to Process: Principals Outstanding Decisions for Districts

  • How many goals will each administrator set?

  • Who will select the area of focus?

  • How much alignment will be required, vertically and horizontally?

Goal setting process

  • Examine the data ( & continue to re-examine it

    throughout the process)

  • Identify an area of need (a focus)

  • Identify the target population for your goal

  • Establish your assessment instrument

  • State your goal in SMART format

  • Complete your districts’ form

  • Intervene, monitor, adjust

  • Analyze, summarize, and report out onend of cycle data

Potential data sources

  • Standardized Test Data

  • Students’Classroom Performance in Specific Content Areas

  • Discipline Statistics

  • Attendance Rates and Patterns

  • Graduation/Promotion Percentages

  • I&RS statistics

  • Survey results

    *(using 3 years of longitudinal data for establishing a mean or a trend is considered best practice)

Best practices for goal setting
Best Practices for Goal Setting Principals

  • Before

    • Review

      • District goals

      • Building goals

      • Multiple data sources

    • Consider

      • How you will influence student achievement in the focal area you select

      • Can you collaborate on or around your goal

        • other district principals in similar programs)

        • other building administrators

        • Teachers

      • Can you leverage existing goals?

  • During

    • Communicate

      • goals/progress/challenges to stakeholders

    • Implement

      • strategies and adjust if they are not working

      • data collection as needed

  • After

    • Reflect

      • What went well

      • What would you do differently

Sample goals
Sample Goals: Principals

Template and sample goals

from the NJDOE

How are goals scored
How are Goals Scored? Principals

DOE broadcast email, 11/7/13

How is a summative score derived
How Is a Summative Score Derived? Principals

DOE broadcast email, 11/7/13

Your goals
Your Goals: Principals

Where are you?

What are the challenges?

Thank you
Thank You! Principals

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with