Best reasons to install lynx panels at homes
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Best Reasons to Install Lynx Panels at Homes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Lynx series of Honeywell\'s home automation control panels combine a range of functionalities to assist home owners. This presentation discusses the various reasons that make these devices an essential add-on to a typical home automation system. You can find more information at PANEL

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Provide all encompassing protection
Provide All-Encompassing Protection

  • Lynx panels protect not only your family members and material possessions, but your beloved pets as well.

  • In case of emergency, these security systems will swing into action and do everything required to contain the situation from sounding the alarms, activating the fire sprinklers and even contacting the authorities.

Secure the less accessed areas
Secure the Less-Accessed Areas

Security systems such as lynx panels allow homeowners to secure those areas of the house which are not frequented much like the attic, basement or the garage. This makes it difficult for the intruders to enter homes from these areas without going noticed.

Less dependence on neighbors
Less Dependence on Neighbors

It is a very common practice among homeowners to ask their neighbors to keep an eye on the house when leaving on a vacation, but what if the neighbors themselves are away? Who will watch over the house in such times? Home security systems such as lynx panels come in very handy as they can function on their own and have very little scope of error when compared to humans.

Give no time to intruders
Give No Time to Intruders

As soon as intruders break into the property, security systems swing into action. From capturing video of the culprits committing the crime to sounding the alarm - lynx panels ensure that intruders get no time once they have broken into your home.

Easier to maintain
Easier to Maintain

Today, both wired and wireless security systems are available. Wireless lynx panels are much easier to maintain as compared to the hardwired ones which are used conventionally. They work even in power outages and will not malfunction if the wires were to get snapped or snipped.