great white sharks n.
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Great White Sharks

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Great White Sharks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Great White Sharks. Predators of the Ocean Caroline Fesler. A Great White Shark’s Beginning.

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Great White Sharks

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great white sharks

Great White Sharks

Predators of the Ocean

Caroline Fesler

a great white shark s beginning
A Great White Shark’s Beginning
  • When A Great White is born it has at least a dozen siblings. After they are born they immediately swim away from their mother. The mother does not take care of her young and sees them as prey. A female shark has babies when it is 12 to 14 years old.


A great white shark is born five feet tall. That is about the size of the average woman. An adult can weigh about 4,500 pounds.

teething time
Teething Time

A great white shark tooth is about 2.5 inches. That’s about the size of a pinkie finger! Sharks have several sets of teeth. So if they loose one then one just grows right back in it’s place.

  • Great white sharks eat small stingrays and fish when they are young, but when the are older they eat seals and sea lions. Sharks are always at the top of the aquatic food chain because they are predators. After eating a seal or sea lion they can go at least two months without eating another big meal.


Great white sharks can swim 43 miles an hour if they are going fast. If one is going slow then a human could swim right by it!


Most shark attacks have been on surfers, especially in the U.S.A. Attacks on humans are very rare. The species of shark that has done the most harm is in fact, a great white shark. The picture on the right shows a great white in a wave


Great white sharks are awesome!


  • Websites listed on slides for pictures.


Caroline Fesler