end of the war the new war n.
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End of the War & The New War

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End of the War & The New War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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End of the War & The New War. From Moscow to Berlin. At the start of 1945 Soviet (Russian) troops were beginning to push back through Poland and Czechoslovakia towards Germany. They were just 60 miles outside of Berlin by mid February. Yalta Conference.

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from moscow to berlin
From Moscow to Berlin
  • At the start of 1945 Soviet (Russian) troops were beginning to push back through Poland and Czechoslovakia towards Germany.
  • They were just 60 miles outside of Berlin by mid February.
yalta conference
Yalta Conference
  • First discussion of a new peace keeping body, the United Nations.
  • Poland is to be given territory, free elections and be vacated by the Soviets.
    • But the Soviets don’t plan on moving.

 UN Guy

death of the fuhr
Death of the Fuhr
  • On April 29th Hitler married his fiancé Eva Braun in his personal bunker.
  • The next day they both committed suicide.
  • There has been much speculation around the death.

Eva Braun, Hitler’s sweetheart 

berlin is captured
Berlin is Captured
  • In the Spring of 1945 Berlin is captured by the Allies.
  • Hitler had called on anyone willing to defend the city to go to the death.
  • On May 7th Germany had surrendered all its territories. The day after (May 8th) became known as VE-Day (Victory of Europe).
  • As we remember, Japan surrendered in the September following in VJ-Day.
  • The allies split up Germany into four spheres of influence.
creation of the united nations
Creation of the United Nations
  • As WWII drew to a close, delegates from countries around the world gathered to create an organization that would ensure that such a global conflict would never happen again.
  • The U.N. was a compromise between the US, Britain, France, China and the Soviet Union, and other smaller countries such as ourselves.
the purpose of the un
The Purpose of the UN

1. To keep peace among nations

2. To increase co-operation between nations

3. To defend Human rights

4. To improve the living conditions of people

everywhere in the world

5. The U.N. sponsors a wide variety of

agencies that carry out legal, economic

and humanitarian work around the world

The UN expanded its scope to developing countries after 1951.

organizations sponsored by the un
Organizations Sponsored By The UN
  • The World Health Organization (W.H.O) battles global health problems.
  • United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Originally, responsible for assisting child welfare in countries devastated by the Second World War.
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) works to improve education standards and promote cultural activities
  • Canada has always seen the UN as the best means of contributing to world peace to solving problems of global health, poverty, pollution and discrimination
europe in ruins
Europe In Ruins
  • After WWII European economies were in shambles as they had borrowed so much money from the US and had taken so much damage over the last 6 years.
  • The Russians were sceptical of the western countries and refused to move out of their captured territories including parts of Poland and Finland.
  • In 1947 the US comes out with the Marshall plan to help put money back into the European economy.
    • Russia refused to participate in the agreement.
the split that starts the cold war
The Split That Starts The Cold War
  • The US had not formally recognized the USSR until 1933 and both sides questioned the others intentions during WWII.
  • Stalin distrusted the western powers believing they had purposefully delayed opening up the second front in Europe.
  • The US and the Russians were by far the largest super powers in the post WWII world. It just so happened they also had opposing economic and political views – Capitalism vs. Communism & Democracy vs. Totalitarianism.
nato the warsaw pact
NATO & The Warsaw Pact
  • Tensions grew and soon when the western powers tried to give Germany back to the people the Soviets refused.
  • The US created NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) in 1949 in order to unite and protect the western powers.
  • In 1955 the Soviets created the Warsaw Pact which joined it and eastern European countries together.
    • Hungary tried to resist but were invaded.
  • The World was officially split into 2 camps. The Cold War had begun.
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