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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse PowerPoint Presentation
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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cape Hatteras Light House p.3 Kaitlynne Wilson & Victoria Buker . Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, is located on Hatteras island, in North Carolina. The lighthouse was built between the years of, 1868-197O. c. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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    1. Cape Hatteras Light Housep.3 Kaitlynne Wilson & Victoria Buker

    2. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, is located on Hatteras island, in North Carolina. • The lighthouse was built between the years of, 1868-197O. • c.

    3. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • On a good night, you can see the lighthouse for over twenty miles. • Over one Million Bricks were used to build the lighthouse, and it costabout $167,500 dollars to build

    4. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • The Hatteras Lighthouse is 175 feet tall, and contains around 268 steps. • The lighthouse was recently decommisioned by the United States Coast Guard, because it was too expensive, and people are starting to rely more on GPS then lighthouses. • It’s dangerous to climb the stairs, the lighthouse is equivalent to 12 stories tall, and only has handrails on one side of the stairs, with a two way traffic flow.

    5. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • Due to erosion The Cape Hatteras Light house was moved. • It was moved 2,870 feet inland, from the original location at shore. • It was a controversial move because some people thought the light house wouldn’t survive it , others thought it would survive and liked the idea. • Between 1999 and 2000 they moved the light house by putting it on a steel track and using hydrolic jacks and rollers.

    6. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the Nation. • The lighthouse is also a famous symbol for North Carolina. • The walls at the base of the lighthouse are 14 feet tall. • The lighthouse weighs 6,25O tons. • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has a black continous swirl around the outside, and has checkerd tile floors, and red steps leading to the top.

    7. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse • Compared to St. Augustine Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras lighthouse looks alike, but they are NOT the same d: • St. Augustine is in Florida, while Cape Hatteras is in North Carolina. • St. Augustines lighthouse has a museum INSIDE of the lighthouse, while Cape Hatteras has a museum located next to the • lighthouse.

    8. ! • PICTURE SLIDE! :D<3 CAPE HATERAS!<3(:

    9. 1 Cape Hatteras Let’s plan a trip (: A trip with round trip plane tickets, a cottage on the beach, and horse back riding on the beach . All together it costs about $3338 Driving from Florida to North Carolina, Staying in a hotel for a week, off-road driving on the beach. It all costs about $1200

    10. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse History! “The days of the blue uniformed lighthouse keeper checking his whale oil supply, slowly climbing the tower to clean his lenses, have passed forever. Yet the lighthouse he so faithfully attended remains on duty. Built of bricks noted by seaman and landlubber alike, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse stand on a spot still dreaded by mariners.” -

    11. THE “GRAVEYARD OF THE ATLANTIC” • So many ships have been lost at the cape, people began to call it, the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’

    12. Cape Hatteras FACTS! • It cost $150,000 to complete at that time • The current Cape Hatteras lighthouse is America’s tallest lighthouse at 198 feet high. • There are a total of 257 steps to the top • It took 1.25 million bricks to build the tower • Coast Survey Chart: 35 15 ‘ 32 ” N latitude, 75  31′ 44″ W longitude • Light is still operational day and night and visible for 20 mile. • Over 175,000 tourists visit the tower each year to climb the structure • Cape Hatteras is also the worlds tallest brick lighthouse .

    13. TRAVEL INFORMATION<3 Contact: Buker Wilson Travel Agency!252-835-2350Hatteras, North Carolina<3

    14. Bibliography!<3