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Writing for Proficiency. Classroom policies and procedures. Classroom expectations . Follow all Clark County School District policies. Follow the dress code. Adhere to the cell phone and electronic device policy. Be on time for class and ready to learn.

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Writing for proficiency

Writing for Proficiency

Classroom policies and procedures

Classroom expectations
Classroom expectations

  • Follow all Clark County School District policies.

  • Follow the dress code.

  • Adhere to the cell phone and electronic device policy.

  • Be on time for class and ready to learn.

  • Follow the classroom social contract.

  • Be polite.

  • Clean up after yourself.

A note about language
A note about language…

  • I expect my students to maintain civil discourse in my class. As such, I do not allow vulgarity (cussing) or negative remarks about race, gender, or sexual orientation in my classroom.

Seating chart
Seating chart

  • There will be a seating chart in Writing for Proficiency.

  • Once the seating chart is set, it is non-negotiable. If you need to sit close to the front of the class, please let me know before I make the seating chart.

  • I reserve the right to change the seating chart or individual seats to best benefit classroom instruction.

Books and materials
Books and materials

  • We do not have a textbook for Writing for Proficiency class.

  • You should have a binder or notebook for this class with ample paper to write with.

  • All final drafts must be done in blue or black ink only.

  • I will provide paper for final drafts of proficiency-style writing.

Start of class
Start of class

  • We will have a Quick Write (QW) on the board.

  • The QW is a daily question that should be answered in one paragraph (3-5 sentences).

  • The QW is stamped in class. Stamped QWs are worth one point. Unstamped QWs are half a point.

  • QWs are turned in at the end of the week.

Grading policy1
Grading policy

  • Quarter Grades will be determined by the following:

  • Tests and Essays 40%

  • Classwork/Homework 25%

  • Projects 25%

  • Quick Writes 10%

Make up work policy
Make-up work policy

  • Per CCSD policy, students who are absent have three days to request make-up work.

  • Upon receiving your make-up work, you have three days to complete it.

  • Tests must be made up after school within one week of your absence.

  • See me before or after school about make-up work.

Missing work policy
Missing work policy

  • I expect to receive your assignments when they are due.

  • Late class work or homework (i.e. work that you chose to not do and turn in on the day it was due) will lose 10% credit if received within five days of the original due date.

  • Late work received six or more days after the due date will lose 50% credit.

Missing work policy1
Missing work policy

  • All late/missing work and make-up work should have the following information on it: Your name; the name of the assignment; the original due date; the date you turned it in; my initials.

  • Late/missing and make-up work should be turned in to the basket.

  • Late/missing work will be graded at my convenience.

Graded assignments
Graded assignments

  • Graded assignments will be in the basket for your class. Baskets are located on the bookshelves.

  • Please check your grades against grades in ParentLink. If I have made an error, bring your graded paper to me immediately so I can correct it.

Extra credit
Extra credit

  • Extra credit opportunities are given to all students. I do not give extra credit to an individual just so you can raise your grade.

  • ALL missing work must be turned in before you do an extra credit assignment.

Electronic devices in class
Electronic devices in class

  • Please do not play on your phone, text, or listen to music during class. Earbuds/headphones should be put away.

  • You may use your phone to take photos of information on the board, lesson plans, etc.

  • It would behoove you to have a dictionary app on your phone.

Writing proficiency info
Writing Proficiency info

  • The NHSPE in writing has two components: Expository and Persuasive/Argument.

  • The proficiency is scored as follows: Each essay has two readers who score it on a scale of 0-6.

  • Scores from both essays are combined and divided by two to come up with the overall score.

  • The passing score on the NHSPE writing exam is 7.

  • The writing proficiency is October 22.

Contact information
Contact information

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Class website: my.CCSD.net/sylviarowe

  • Twitter: @English11Honors

  • Message: 702-799-4080 ext. 4000

  • Available before school starting at 6:30 and after school on Monday and Wednesday-Friday.