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Emilia-Romagna Region (PP6) Project Progress

Emilia-Romagna Region (PP6) Project Progress. Katia Raffaelli, Luisa Perini, Maria Romani, Maurizio Sani 2 nd PlanCoast Conference Costanta, 31 st May - 2 nd June 2007. WP4 Pilot Project Realisation and evaluation of the ICZM Strategy State of the Art.

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Emilia-Romagna Region (PP6) Project Progress

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  1. Emilia-Romagna Region (PP6)Project Progress Katia Raffaelli, Luisa Perini, Maria Romani, Maurizio Sani 2nd PlanCoast Conference Costanta, 31st May - 2nd June 2007

  2. WP4 Pilot ProjectRealisation and evaluation of the ICZM Strategy State of the Art Implementation of the ICZM GuideLines into the local scale in order to valuate the impacts of planning strategies

  3. State of the Art • Writing the cognitive picture • Assessment of interactions between thematic areas • Thematic maps/paper development • At the moment we’re applying a model to support decision system Ancona, Kick-off conference

  4. Characteristicsof the model • Decisions from maximisation • Elicitation of future decisions, including doing nothing • Check of past decisions • Several environmental and social indicators, but no monetisation and no relative weights for non-economical indicators • It considers • The human and environmental dynamics, so the maximal demographic or industrial pressure can be calculated • Uncertainty, through the sensitivity analysis • The opportunity of depurating projects, specifying best locations • Results presented in GIS • Decisions from a partial maximisation • They depend on initial and sustanability conditions • If repeated several times, they identify the steady state conditions • The total value of projects is endogenous Ancona, Kick-off conference

  5. The structureof the model • Site 1 (A1 Km2): agriculture vs. industry • Site 2 (A2 Km2): agriculture vs. urbanisation • Site i (Ai Km2): activity j vs. activity j’ vs. … • Notes • Expandible to any number of sites (i = i,…,I) • Expandible to any number of activities (j=1,…,J), so also to several types of urbanisation • The identification of sites, as well as of the alternative possible activities for each site, depend on the assumed time horizon (long vs. short-run) and on the observed spatial characteristics (resource availability, distance to roads, ...) Ancona, Kick-off conference

  6. Some issues • Data • Necessity • Availability • Collection and organizing • Possible cohesistence of more than one activity in the same area Ancona, Kick-off conference

  7. Thanks for your attention Ancona, Kick-off conference

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