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eBooks. I Love Technology Lafayette Public Library February 5, 2010. People don't read anymore. - Steve Jobs , January 2008. eBooks: There's an app for that. - Steve Jobs , January 2010. Digital Books. source: Forrester Research , 2009. U.S. consumer eBook purchases

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I Love Technology

Lafayette Public Library

February 5, 2010

People don't read anymore.

- Steve Jobs, January 2008

eBooks: There's an app for that.

- Steve Jobs, January 2010

ebooks by the numbers
U.S. consumer eBook purchases
    • 2009:  3 million
    • 2010:  6 million , estimate
  • U.S. dedicated reading devices sold
    • 2009:   3 million
    • 2010:  10 million, estimate
  • Number of downloads of public library eBooks
    • 2003-2008: 10 million
    • 2009: 19 million

eBooks By The Numbers

sources:  Forrester Research and Overdrive, 2010

Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org)
    • Began in 1971 by Michael S. Hart
    • Started with the Declaration of Independence
    • By 1987 he had added over 300 eBooks to the project
    • volunteers scanned other public domain eBooks
    • 100,000 eBooks are available
    • 3 million eBooks are downloaded each month
early 1990s
Cost of computer media storage dropped

Internet expanded from universities to homes and businesses

File sharing exploded around the world

Advances in scanning technology

Growth in personal computing - laptops

early 1990s
1997 2007
1997 - 2007
  • PDAs became popular
  • Dedicated Reading Devices begin to sell
  • Rocket eBook
  • Franklin E-Bookman
  • Palm Pilot
  • MobiPocket and Peanut Press, two of the first eBookstores opened
  • Electronic Paper Displays drop in price - begin use in consumer products, Ex: E Ink
  • 2005 - Amazon.com buys Mobipocket
  • 2006 - Sony releases Reader
  • 2007 - Amazon releases Kindle
e ink
E Ink
  • E Ink contains millions of microcapsules
  • Positively charged white particles
  • Negatively charged black particles
  • Suspended in a clear fluid
  • Plastic film screen laminated to a circuit layer
  • Display controlled by giving the film an electric charge
  • Paper-like display, very low power usage, long battery life
  • 200 dpi+ grayscale
music has gone digital

Music has gone digital

Video has gone digital

What about Books?

What is the advantage to going digital?

advantages of ebooks
For Consumers:




Books stay in perfect condition

Hard to damage

Multiple devices

For Libraries:

Shelf reading not required

The dog did not eat your book, and the staff did not forget to check it in

No overdue fines, or notices, ever

Library service becomes more valuable to those who could not visit during regular hours

Advantages of eBooks
amazon kindle 2
Amazon Kindle 2
  • $259
  • Largest collection of new releases/bestsellers
  • $9.99 for bestsellers
  • 3G  Whispernet
  •  6" E Ink Screen
  • 2 Gig Internal Memory
  • text-to-speech capability
  • AZW File Format, no EPUB
barnes and noble nook

6" E Ink Screen

Color LCD Input Screen

2 Gig Internal Memory

3G and WiFi Connectivity

EPUB and EDP File Formats

Barnes and Noble nook
the sony reader pocket edition

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition

  • $199
  • 5" E Ink Screen
  • 512mb Internal Memory
  • No 3G or WiFi Connectivity
  • EPUB File Format
apple ipad

Apple  iPad

  • $499
  • 9.7" LCD Screen
  • 16 Gig Internal Memory
  • Touch Screen Input
  • WiFi
  • EPUB File Format

Read eBooks on your iPhone or iPod Touch with apps like Kindle and Stansa.Advantage:  Many consumers already own device.

Most of the Device Manufacturers have their own eBookstores.
    • Amazon
    • Barnes and Noble
    • Sony
  • Prices for eBooks range from $5.99 for eBooks on sale to 14.95 for bestsellers and new releases.
New Independent EPUB Bookstores are growing

Ex: Kobo Books

Most books $8.99 to $10.99. Several books sell for less than $5.00

How much are you willing to pay for an eBook?More importantly, how much profit are publishers willing to give up?

Publishers make the pricing decisions.

Amazon has attempted to hold bestseller prices below $10.  

Are eBook sales taking money away from print books in large numbers?  Not as much as you would think. 

Do publishers have an incentive to "kill" eBooks? 

What impact will Apple make?  Biggest question of 2010.

ebook file formats
Amazon Kindle

Plain Text



.AZW (properitary)

B & N nook



eReader (properitary)

eBook File Formats

Sony Reader

Plain Text



BB eBook (proprietary)

  • Open eBook standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum
  • EPUB file format has the extension .epub
  • EPUB is designed to have reflowable content, meaning the text can be changed for each device as needed for easier reading
  • Pages re-justify smoothly as font and screen size change
  • EPUB is an XHTML-based format
  • It supercedes the older Open Book format
why would you want to convert or edit an ebook
Grab something from the web and read it on your device.

Convert a file saved in one format to another format.

All formats have different properties.  Edit a file format to unlock features.

Create an eBook to share with others.

Why would you want to convert or edit an eBook?
ebook digital rights management
eBook  Digital Rights Management
  • Nearly all eBooks have some form of Digital Rights Management.
  • eBook DRM: copy protection that follows the eBook and the device the work is registered on.
  • Publishers use it to keep eBooks from being pirated and illegally shared; however it also limits legitimate buyers from using eBooks they already own in ways they want.  Ex: What happens to all the eBooks you bought for your Kindle when you buy a nook after having a Kindle for two years?
  • DRM free eBooks may not happen any time soon.
  • Buyers can protect themselves by purchasing eBooks that are formatted to some standard, like EPUB. These can at least be read on multiple devices, even though they still have DRM restrictions.
privacy who knows what you are reading and should you be concerned
Privacy: Who knows what you are reading and should you be concerned?

EFF's eBook Buyer's Guide to Privacy

  • Can What You Read Be Monitored?
    • Google Books:  Yes, books and pages viewed are stored
    • Amazon Kindle:  Yes, books and pages read are stored
    • B&N nook:  N/A
    • Sony Reader: No, Does not collect data on device

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation, January 2010

eff s ebook buyer s guide to privacy jan 2010
EFF's eBook Buyer's Guide to Privacy, Jan 2010

Do companies track what books you purchase or checkout?

  • Google Books: Yes, all items are associated with a google account
  • Amazon Kindle: Yes, a purchase history is compiled for each account
  • B&N nook: Yes and No, online B&N purchases are compiled but books obtained somewhere else are not tracked
  • Sony Reader: Yes and No, online Sony Reader Store purchases are compiled but books obtained somewhere else are not tracked
Overdrive Digital Bookmobile @ Lafayette Public Library

South Regional Library - January 22, 2010

overdrive digital bookmobile @ lafayette public library south regional library january 22 2010
Overdrive Digital Bookmobile @ Lafayette Public LibrarySouth Regional Library - January 22, 2010
E-Library Co-Op of Southeast Louisiana:

St. Charles Parish Library, St. John the Baptist Parish Library, Terrebonne Parish Library

overdrive bayouland e library co op begins in 2010
Co-Op Libraries:

Acadia Parish Library 

Iberia Parish Library 

Lafayette Public Library

St. Martin Parish Library 

St. Mary Parish Library  

Vermilion Parish Library

Materials Available:

Digital AudioBooks

EPUB eBooks

Overdrive Bayouland E-Library Co-Op begins in 2010
How to:

Downloading Library eBooks to your Computer or 

eBook Reader

eBook "Scat" now ready to read inside Adobe Digital Editions. Notice "7-days" band on upper right corner of book. The countdown drops each day, until it reads "expired" on the 8th day.
The eBook "Scat" can be now be opened, deleted, or returned to Overdrive/Library so that someone else can read it.
Opening the book inside Adobe Digital Editions, I can begin to read "Scat".  I click on "Chapter- One" in the left-hand column and ADE takes me to page 5 of 237. Page five is the first page of chapter one. By using the ADE menu at the top, I can change the text to whatever style/size I'm comfortable.
I have now decided to transfer the eBook "Scat" to my Sony Reader. I click and drag the eBook to my "PRS-300" in the left-hand column. Notice the "Red X" on the cover of the book.
I now have the eBook directly over the PRS-300 folder icon. Notice the "Red X" has changed to a "Green +" letting me know I am directly over the folder and ready to "drop" the file into my Sony Reader.
Clicking on the PRS-300 icon, I see that I now have 5 eBooks on my Sony Reader. Adobe Digital Editions allows access to all the eBooks on my Sony Reader, as well as all eBooks inside Adobe Digital Editions on my Windows computer at the same time.