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Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services

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Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services

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Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services

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  1. Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services Workplace Modifications Scheme

  2. Overview • The Scheme is part of the Commonwealth Government’s Employer Incentives Strategy. • The objective is to encourage employers to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. • It is administered nationally from NSW.

  3. Overview • Funding available forthe purchase, lease or hire of : • modifications, or • special or adaptive equipment where this is a barrier to a person with a disability participating in employment • Generally, funding of up to $5000 is available, but in exceptional circumstances more than $5000 may be approved.

  4. Eligibility The worker must be: • an Australian citizen or permanent resident; and • employed for a minimum of 8 hours a week; and • in employment which is reasonably expected to continue for a period in excess of 13 weeks.

  5. Eligibility The worker must be: • supported by a FaCS funded Disability Employment Service, or attached to a Job Network Intensive Assistance provideror a participant in the Supported Wage Scheme • covered by relevant Federal, State or Territory industrial legislation. That is, an award, enterprise agreement or individual contract; or • self-employed and a participant in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme

  6. Eligibility Workers are NOT eligible when: • undertaking a DEST funded traineeship or apprenticeship; or • only in receipt of Job Matching or Job Search Training services; or • undertaking a rehabilitation program with CRS Australia; or • they have any outstanding workers compensation claims against the current employer.

  7. Eligibility Assistance is not available for: • non-disability specific modifications or equipment; • educating co-workers • domestic modifications

  8. Other Considerations Reasonable adjustment: • Reasonable adjustment is the expectation that employers make adjustments to the workplace and work duties to reduce the effects of disability. • All employers should be able to make in kind adjustments as these should not cause hardship.

  9. Other Considerations Reasonable adjustment: • The capacity of employers to pay for adjustments will depend on the size and circumstances of the employer. • Service providers are expected to at least ask employers about their capacity to contribute towards the cost of equipment or modifications.

  10. Other Considerations Ownership: • Responsibility for ongoing maintenance, repair, and liability as a result of injury will rest with the owner of the equipment, item or workplace modification. • The following will help determine ownership: • will the owner be able to meet any ongoing maintenance, upgrade or other ongoing costs? • is the item or equipment likely to be useful to the owner in a vocational context in the future?

  11. Applications These should include: • Three quotes (where possible). • Information about the employer’s capacity to contribute towards the cost. • Clear description of how modifications or equipment will assist the person in their job.

  12. Applications Send applications to: Address: Department of Family and Community Services Workplace Modifications Scheme GPO Box 9820 Sydney NSW 2001 Fax: 1800 032 216 Please note: • An application with original signatures is required, but a fax copy of the application can be sent to facilitate processing.

  13. Applications Notification • Service Providers are notified of the decision by phone and letter. Reimbursement • The cost of the modifications or equipment will be reimbursed when an original paid invoice / receipt has been received by the Workplace Modifications Scheme. Claims over 90 days will NOT be reimbursed unless the Workplace Modifications Scheme is notified of a delay.

  14. Contact information Free call phone: 1800 814 838 Free call fax: 1800 032 216 Email: Application forms and the Guidelines are available from the Internet at: