the texas star charts and what they say about our campus l.
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Texas STaR Charts and What They Mean for Our Campus PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas STaR Charts and What They Mean for Our Campus

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Texas STaR Charts and What They Mean for Our Campus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation was designed to use with a faculty when introducing Texas STaR Charts to a faculty

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introductions
  • STaR Chart Overview
  • Analysis and summaries of the four areas of the Long Range Plan for Technology Activity
  • Statewide and Campus STaR Charts Activity
  • Discussion of Talking Points
  • Texas Technology Applications TEKS and suggestions for implementating interventions
  • Consensus, Comments, Questions
texas star chart overview
Texas STaR Chart Overview
  • School Technology and Readiness Chart
  • Aligned with the Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020
  • A mandated online self-assessment tool to evaluate effectiveness of technology integration across the curriculum
  • Technology readiness ratings for all campuses statewide are available at:
texas long range plan for technology
Texas Long Range Plan for Technology
  • As a group, read and discuss the area of the plan assigned to your group
  • Design a chart that summarizes the main points of your assigned plan area
  • Present your summary to the whole group
statewide campus star chart summary activity
Statewide/ Campus STaR Chart Summary Activity
  • As a group, study the copies of the blank Teacher STaR Chart and our Campus STaR Charts for the past three years
  • Compare this information to the rubric for the Statewide STaR Chart Summary
  • Analyze data for the Campus STaR Charts for the past three years
  • Analyze data for the Statewide STaR Charts for the past three years
talking points
Talking Points
  • How do the Statewide and Teacher/Campus STaR Charts relate to the Long Range Plan for Technology?
  • How does the design of the Statewide STaR Chart relate to the design of the Teacher/Campus STaR Chart?
  • What are our campus’ technology integration strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do our strengths and weaknesses compare to campus data statewide?
  • What data trends do you notice over the past three years?
texas technology applications teks
Texas Technology Applications TEKS
  • Study the structure of the Technology TEKS for K-8

Talking Points:

  • How does the structure relate to the Teacher/Campus STaR Charts and Statewide Summary STaR Charts?
  • As a group, discuss what interventions are necessary to improve technology integration on this campus.
  • Prioritize your list of interventions on chart paper
gallery walk
Gallery Walk
  • Consensus of interventions that will be used by the Technology Committee to develop a Technology Plan
  • Final Comments
  • Questions