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What is Waiting Behind the Door

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What is Waiting Behind the Door - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Waiting Behind the Door. What is Public Health?. Population based focus on preventative initiatives Implementing and evaluating population based strategies to promote health and prevent disease Enforcing health related laws and regulations. Challenges of Today’s Emerging Issues.

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What is Waiting Behind the Door

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what is public health
What is Public Health?
  • Population based focus on preventative initiatives
  • Implementing and evaluating population based strategies to promote health and prevent disease
  • Enforcing health related laws and regulations
challenges of today s emerging issues
Challenges of Today’s Emerging Issues
  • Impact by limited resources:
    • A dollar only stretches so far
  • Limited awareness to emerging issues and the target populations being affected:
    • Hot topic of the day
  • Who pays for Prevention?
    • Assessment for falls
    • Rx drug awareness education
    • Hoarding awareness now that it is a recognized issue thanks to Dr. Phil & Opra
one question
One Question
  • Does anyone know a client who has fallen, is a hoarder, takes more than 7 prescription pills a day and is dealing with a bed bug infestation?
what is aging in place
What is Aging In Place?

According to the Journal of Housing for the Elderly, it is not having to move from one’s present residence in order to secure necessary support services in response to changing needs.

  • The opportunity to experience and enjoy the core values of life long independence in your home.
  • Understanding and securing the resources available in maintaining an independent lifestyle.
how does this relate to independent living
How Does this Relate to Independent Living?
  • Topics I will be covering today are a results of collaborative initiatives aimed at ensuring those populations in need can remain in their homes.
  • Linking people to existing services and developing a resource network/base for those emerging issues impacting the lives of those we are trying to assist.
bed bugs are back
Bed Bugs Are Back
  • Biting Arthropods
  • Long history of association with humans
    • Origin probably with humans and bats living in caves
  • Originally a problem for the wealthy dating back to Greece in 400 B.C.

International travel and commerce

  • Pesticide use has changed:
        • Licensing
        • Baits instead of broad spectrum
        • Resistance


New chemicals are baits and require that the pest EAT the bait

  • Fast-moving
  • Cannot fly or jump
  • Cling tightly to surfaces
  • Flattened easily
  • External parasite that feed on blood
  • Human preferred host
  • Feed during the night but are opportunistic parasites

Don’t bring infested items into the home

Inspect clothing and baggage of travelers

Inspect secondhand beds, bedding, and furniture

Bed bugs are good hitchhikers


Public Health Importance

  • No evidence that bed bugs transmit disease
  • • Can cause irritation and the risk of secondary infection
  • • Feed on limbs, trunk, and face – characteristic “bite line”
  • • Wheals/welts similar to mosquito bites or chigger bites -
  • reaction to salivary substances
  • • May cause restless sleep, chronic sleep
  • deprivation, emotional stress
  • Cost to individuals
protection tips field workers
Protection Tips: Field Workers
  • Use separate clothes and shoes for field work
  • Try not to bring personal items inside home
  • Shake clothes outside before entering car
  • Change clothes at work
  • Seal field clothes in clear plastic bag for laundering
  • Bring a portable stool with you and sit towards the middle of the room
  • Only use a spray labeled for bed bug use
inspection tips recognize common signs
Inspection tips:recognize common signs

Blood stains from crushed bugs

Fecal spots

Shed skins & eggshells

Offensive, sweet, musty odor

Use of dogs



1) To reduce the number of homes, schools, public buildings, hotels, and medical buildings that could become infested with bed bugs;

2) To create and convey a consistent message;

3) To coordinate enforcement efforts;

4) To overcome public apathy, and to reduce stigma;

5) To find ways to educate the public without alarm;

6) To find sources of funding for education and outreach;

7) To reach and educate the medical community;

8) Public education and outreach, including a Task

Force web site and public service announcements.