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Land Information System PowerPoint Presentation
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Land Information System

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Land Information System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Land Information System. Brief Presentation on the Technical Guidelines/ Methodology for Implementation of The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP). Pan India Consultants Pvt Ltd ( An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company ). PIC.

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Land Information System

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    1. LandInformation System Brief Presentation on the Technical Guidelines/ Methodology for Implementation of The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) Pan India Consultants Pvt Ltd ( An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company ) Confidential

    2. PIC Importance of cadastral records and land information systems Access and use of land are fundamental to life as we know it... Food, fiber, habitation, recreation, and so forth. Land parcel is the basic unit for access and control of land, land use decisions. Current, reliable land information necessary for many public programs, for example: land planning infrastructure development and maintenance environmental protection and resource management services social service programs and so forth basis for land markets, development, and other economic activity Confidential

    3. PIC NLRMP: • Govt. of India has decided to implement the Centrally- Sponsored scheme in the shape of National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP). • The major component of NLRMP are : • Computerization of Land Records, Integration of spatial & non- spatial/textual information. • Strengthening of Revenue Administrations and updating of Land Records(SRA & ULR). • Establishment of modern record rooms/ Land Record Management centers at Tehsil/Revenue Circle/District level Confidential

    4. PIC • Geographical Information System (GIS) and Land Records? • Relating "legal" description of property to coordinate-based systems • To highlight / & then minimize ambiguous or overlapping boundaries • Complex attribute relations • Finally access to public Confidential

    5. PIC Concept for a Multipurpose LIS Confidential

    6. PIC DIGITISATION & GEO-REFRENCING and linking of RoR data ofVILLAGE CADASTRAL MAPS Confidential

    7. PIC • Process • Collecting hardcopy maps/sheets from the concerned Land Record Department • Indexing & Coding • Scanning of Village/Cadastral map sheets • Grid base generation or • Map grid generation • Grid correction of Cadastral images • Digitization of individual scanned Village map sheets(grid corrected) • Edge Matching and Mosaicing up to Village Level • Cleanup and topology building • Quality Control/Checks- Rectify errors • Data Translation-GIS environment • Georeferencing of individual villages, mosaicing up to tehsil/district/state level • Quality assurance • Final deliverables Confidential

    8. Indexing & Coding and Scanning of Input Maps For scanned output *.tif will be coded as per Census 1991/2001 (DDTTRRHHHVVVnn) as refer in Table: Coding and Indexing. PIC Confidential

    9. PIC Confidential

    10. PIC Confidential

    11. PIC Confidential

    12. PIC Confidential

    13. PIC Confidential

    14. PIC Scanning Confidential

    15. PIC Approach to generate true Replica of Input Maps Confidential

    16. PIC Process to rectified scanned maps A rectangle (vector) of known dimensions with 9 reference points created. Grid used to minimize scanning distortion/input errors Confidential

    17. PIC SCANNING PROCESS Before proceeding for scanning we marked/transfer 9 reference points on each individual map sheets. SHEET WISE SCANNED OUTPUT OF CADASTRAL MAP Context Scanner 6300 ekSt+k % MqUMhx<+k

    18. PIC Confidential

    19. PIC Grid overlaid on the scanned Cadastral Map Confidential

    20. PIC Rectified scanned map with overlaid grid Confidential

    21. PIC Alternate Approach followed for scanning of Input Maps Confidential

    22. PIC Sheet wise scanned output of Cadastral Maps of a Village Confidential

    23. PIC Grid used to minimize scanning distortion/input errors Grid 1:1 Confidential

    24. PIC Grid overlaid on Cadastral Map Distortion in Original grid lines of cadastral map with overlaid vector grid Confidential

    25. PIC Grid overlaid on Cadastral Map Distortion minimized in scanned Cadastral maps using vector grid Confidential

    26. PIC Rectified/Un-rectified scanned maps –A Comparison Un-rectified scanned map with overlaid grid Rectified scanned map with overlaid grid Confidential

    27. PIC DIGITIZATION Confidential

    28. PIC Concept for a Multipurpose Land Information System Confidential

    29. PIC Concept for aMultipurpose Land Information System Different layers created for different features (poly/line/point etc.) keeping in mind their usage in the GIS data base Confidential LIS- STANDERDS.DOC

    30. PIC Standard Template & Legend Confidential

    31. PIC Digitized output of the cadastral map { ekSt+k % MqUMhx<+k }

    32. PIC Final Digitized output with Legend Enlarged View of Legend showing different layers Confidential

    33. PIC Different sheets mosaiced at Village level Confidential

    34. PIC Customize QC routine

    35. PIC Check print of the cadastral map { ekSt+k % MqUMhx<+k } Confidential

    36. PIC ekSt+k % MqUMhx<+k with error report

    37. Digitized out put(1:1 matching) Confidential

    38. Digitization using dimensions Confidential

    39. Enlarge view of map generated using dimensions Shift in features Confidential

    40. PIC Now the digitized output is ready for: • Processing of digitized data to generate the out put as per the guidelines/specifications provided by LRD. • Check plot generation for verification with original input map. • Incorporation of errors/feedback or other remarks of first QC • Finalization of data & composition of final map. Confidential

    41. Data Translation and linking with RoR data • The data would be converted from AutoCAD to Arc coverage/shape & Geo database by using data migration tools/customized routines/programme etc. These tools will be designed as per the LRD Specifications. • The list of records/files will be verified to make sure that all the data is converted successfully. As soon as the migration is finished, the created error logs would be fixed. Also check the completeness of the data translation through internally developed software routines. • These routines would ensure that all the features are translated by comparing the source and the target data. After the successful completion of the migration process, it can be noted that all the data is present in the geo-database without losing any information. • Feature coding for polygons/lines & points features i.e. preparation of coding scheme for different features present in maps, generation of code for whole tehsil and structure for respective backup table will be built strictly as per NIC/LRD requirement/guidelines for linking of RoR. PIC Confidential

    42. Sample output of RRSSC- Chattisgargh Project Confidential

    43. Sample from H.P. Land Records Confidential

    44. Sample from Orissa Land Records Confidential

    45. PIC • Quality Assurance • Verification of naming conventions , scanning, digitization, topological correctness, unique feature coding, completeness of data, accuracy and RMS errors will be checked. • Verification of positional accuracy, attribute accuracy, logical consistency, completeness, edge matching and Mosaicing will also be verified at village and then at tehsil level. • Quality Criteria will be as given below: • Directory/folder structure: 100% • File naming convention: 100% • Data readability: 100% • Data structure: 100% • Data format: 100% • Topology: 99% • Attribute correctness: 98% • Attribute completeness: 98% • Meta data of each stage deliverables 98% Confidential

    46. PIC Unprojected output of the cadastral map { ekSt+k % MqUMhx<+k } with Attributes

    47. PIC Projected output of the cadastral map { ekSt+k % MqUMhx<+k } overlaid on QB Data Confidential

    48. PIC Feature wise thematic map of NAMKUM block Confidential

    49. PIC Village Thematic Map of NAMKUM Block Confidential

    50. PIC Metadata format for final prints