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How to Install Wall Decals Properly?

Following these steps will help you to install and reposition the wall decals properly. Once installed, you can enjoy the beauty of the wall decals for a long time.

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How to Install Wall Decals Properly?

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  1. Featured Wall Decals & Stickers Here at Fixate we have all the wall stickers you could need for any wall in any room, and if we don't, we'll make it for you!

  2. How to Install Wall Decals Properly? One of the effortless ways to decorate the wall of a room is to go for vinyl wall decals. It can make the bare walls look stunning. In fact, the removable wall stickers are getting faster recognition in homes, apartments, business houses, etc. Mainly because, this versatile piece of wall decoration work, can work in any kind of situation.

  3. Popular Styles of Wall Stickers Some of the popular styles of wall decals that can be used to decorate the entire house are mentioned below.

  4. Headboard Decals: It is one the most important types of wall decals. Even if you don’t have a headboard for your bed, you can easily opt for a vinyl headboard decal. It’s easy to install this decal and it can easily create the illusion of a headboard for your bed.

  5. Chandelier Decals: These types of decals are ideal for the dining room, but it can work on other spaces also. You can easily install them on the walls beside your dining table.

  6. Tree Decals: If you want to add some fun and life to your kid’s room, then you an easily go for tree

  7. vinyl wall stickers. You can easily choose from brightly colored or an artistic wall decal that can look very realistic.

  8. Installing the Wall Stickers

  9. You will have to clean, dry, and smooth the surface where you are going to install the decal. If the wall is painted within the last few days, then the paint should completely set into the walls.

  10. As you will be receiving the wall decal in a roll, you will need to flatten the wall decal completely.

  11. You can cut the unwanted parts from the decals. The best thing to do is to mark the main parts and then go for the cuts. Cutting in round shape is needed in order to prevent the transfer tape from getting ripped off.

  12. Use the looped edge of the squeegee for flattening the transfer tape against the decal.

  13. With the designing facing down, you will need to peel off the white backing paper off the clear transfer tape.

  14. While sticking the vinyl wall stickers on the walls make sure to stick the design with the sticky side of the clear transfer tape should face the destination surface. You can use a squeegee for rubbing the design into the surface and removing the air bubbles.

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