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  2. Jia Lee IB# 000518-314 Candidate Statement As a student in IB Art and as an artist I have strived to achieve a form of art where I can fully express my ideas concerning myself as well as the world around us. More than anything I wish to create works projecting my emotions, ideas, and views, starting with distorting the real world and relating it to myself. During the course of my growth I have found that I have a natural ability to extend and relate elements in my works to create a visual story, thus building a stronger concept. I have also found that I have become comfortable working with color and composition wore than anything as I continued to work on my pieces constantly. Some problems I have encountered mainly concern the IWB. Often when I research cultural history or current events, I find that I have a difficulty creating art that I actually care about, thus sometimes I drop the project as a whole or proceed to create works I am never that in to. My work tends to be more about me, my personal experience and the cultural significance within those encounters. In overcoming these experiences I have attempted to generate a concept I am interested in first, think of what imagery I want, then research into that culture or concept later on. Artists that have heavily influenced me include Frida Kahlo, Philip Guston, Eduard Munch, and NicolettaCeccoli. They are artists that have moved the world with their personal stories, their raw emotions portrayed in their works. Elements that Kahlo uses inspire me, and the very unique work of Ceccoli intrigue and fascinate me always. I always attempt to experiment with new media, and have gained experience from charcoal to painting to ceramics, and have attained a level of personal technique.

  3. 1. “It’s Just a Phase” • Size: 11”x14” • Media: Color Pencil, Pen • Date Finished: July 2012 • Idea of the value of money and happiness

  4. 2. Greed • Size: 11”x14” • Media: Color Pencil, Pen • Date Finished: October 2012 • Imbalance of resource distribution caused by selfishness, greed

  5. Artist & Inspiration • NicolettaCeccoli Street side near SFAI, strawberries in container left by a tree

  6. 3. Still Life • Size: 16”x20” • Media: Graphite Pencil • Date Finished: December 2012, November 2013

  7. 4. Family Feud • Size: 14”x11” • Media: Acrylic, Color Pencil • Date Finished: January 2013 • Effects of Divorce

  8. 5. Metamorphosis • Size: 11”x14” • Media: Acrylic, Watercolor, Color Pencil, Pen • Date Finished: late February 2013

  9. 6. Pink, Polka dots, Pearls, Piglet, Party, Party Hats, Presents, Pie, Painting, Pitchfork, Punishment • Size: 12”x9” • Media: Gauche • Date Finished: July 2013

  10. Idea Sketches

  11. 7. Lust • Size: 12”x9” • Media: Gauche • Date Finished: August 2013

  12. Revision Piece, Unfinished

  13. 8. Male Nude • Size: 9.5”x9” • Media: Oil Paint • Date Finished: September 2013 • The usage of female nudes over history of art reflecting status of women at that time

  14. IWB Concept Research and Figure Sketches

  15. Similar Concept Artist Egon Schiele

  16. 9. Lotus, Lily Pads, Koi Fish • Size: 9”x12” • Media: Oil Painting • Date Finished: October 2013 • The drive to find inner balance is central to Japanese culture

  17. IWB Japanese Culture Marcia Baldwin, Joseph Burrow

  18. 10. Underwater • Size: 20”x16” • Media: Graphite Pencil • Date Finished: September 2013

  19. 11. Fearsome • Size: 20”x16” • Media: Oil Painting (the other side: Watercolor, Color Pencil) • Date Finished: November 2013 • Imbalance between humans and nature, the rich and poor

  20. Ideas and Sources • Life in Colors by National Geographic • Uses both sides of the paper

  21. Source Pictures Tora Bora Girl Photograph by Reza Cougar Photograph by FransLanting

  22. 12. To Save Rapunzel • Size: 12”x9” • Media: Acrylic, Color Pencil, Pen • Date Finished: November 2013 • Do we as a society focus on the goals reached rather than the means used?

  23. Revisions

  24. 13. Untitled (yet) • Size: 16”x20” • Media: Oil Painting • In Progress • Environmental link of the things we leave in nature and the disasters that come with it…imbalance of survival

  25. Sources and Trials • Namibia Desert Photograph by Jasper Bloom