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Brad Abbott. DOE Review University of Oklahoma Nov 6, 2014. Program. Scarlet Norberg : (Graduated Oct 2014) ATLAS Inclusive Photon Cross Section (Dissertation) SUSY lepton+ g +MET David Bertsche : (Resident at CERN) ATLAS Optobox W+prompt J/ y

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brad abbott

Brad Abbott

DOE Review

University of Oklahoma

Nov 6, 2014

  • Scarlet Norberg: (Graduated Oct 2014) ATLAS
    • Inclusive Photon Cross Section (Dissertation)
    • SUSY lepton+g+MET
  • David Bertsche :(Resident at CERN) ATLAS
    • Optobox
    • W+prompt J/y
  • OthmaneRifki: (Argonne graduate fellow) ATLAS
    • RoiB
    • SUSY
  • D0 J/y + X, Zb(10610) and Zb(10650) search
reach of analysis
Reach of Analysis

Scarlet Norberg

  • First inclusive photon cross section measurement to reach 1 TeV.
differential cross section in e t
Differential Cross Section in ET
  • Isolation: 7 GeV. Cone size of .4
  • Kinematic regions:
    • 100 GeV<Pt<1000 GeV
    • |η (γ)|<1.37
  • The agreement between NLO calculations in data are good especially at higher pT.
  • The agreement for LO MC
    • PYTHIA is good
    • HERWIG underestimates
  • Entering the regime where PDF (gluon) uncertainties are large (pT>700 GeV)!


Phys. Rev. D 89, 052004 – Published 24 March 2014

PDF uncertainties dominate

differential cross section in e t forward region
Differential Cross Section in ET Forward Region
  • The agreement between NLO calculations and data are good especially at higher ET.
  • PYTHIA has better agreement than HERWIG
  • Large theoretical uncertainties
    • (~40% at large pT)
8 tev susy analysis
8 TeV SUSY analysis

Scarlet Norberg

  • Using General Gauge Mediation model for both strong and weak production.
  • Searching for events with a high energy photon, lepton (e or m) and large MET
  • Using 20.3 fb-1 of 8 TeV dataset
  • Optimization complete
  • Control regions defined
  • Hoping to unblind soon
ibl detector optobox

D. Bertsche

IBL Detector: Optobox

Custom mini-crate for housing optical modules

Need to ensure proper shielding, grounding, cooling, high reliability and environmental tolerance

14 optoboxes have been installed in ATLAS

atlas tdaq in run 2


The Region of Interest Builder (RoIB) is an integral part of the ATLAS detector Trigger and Data Acquisition (TDAQ) chain where the coordinates of the region of interests identified by the first level trigger (L1) are collected and passed to the High Level Trigger (HLT) to make a decision.



RoIB is the first unit that sees the L1 output and makes it available for the rest of the TDAQ system. Every event recorded by ATLAS passes through the RoIB.

roib evolution
RoIB Evolution
  • Goals:
  • Absorb the RoIB function in the HLT Supervisor (HLTSV).
  • Replace the custom made VME bus system of the RoIB
  • with the RobinNP input PCIe card in the HLTSV.
  • Achieve more than 100 KHz readout rate.
  • Tasks:
  • Test the input/output bandwidth limitation of the
  • RobinNP using a high performance processor.
  • Test the performance of the HLTSV after the installation
  • of the new RobinNP input cards in the HLTSV.

Emulation Mode with 12 channels

Emulation Mode with 100 word fragments

Rate (KHz)

Rate (KHz)

Fragment size (words)

Number of channels

We are able to achieve 100 KHz readout for a fragment of 50 words, the expected

size of an RoIB fragment, with 12 channels readout in the internal generation mode

of the RobinNP.

search for strongly produced susy


Search for strongly produced SUSY
  • Run 1: 8 TeV @ 20.3 fb-1arxiv:1404.2500Exclusion limits on 14 SUSY models and one mUED
  • Final states:
    • Multiple energetic jets + 2 isolated same sign leptons (electron or muon but no flavor requirement)
    • Multiple energetic jets + 3 isolated leptons
  • Backgrounds: VV, ttV, ttH, tZ, tttt, VVV+jets, hadrons mis-identified as leptons, leptons from heavy-flavor decays, electron from photon conversions, electron charge mis-measurement.

(V = W,Z)

search for strongly produced susy1
Search for strongly produced SUSY
  • Expected sensitivity in run II for gluinos:
x y 4140



March 2009 CDF reports evidence of a narrow peak in J/y f

spectrum in B+ J/yf K+ decays PRL 102 242002 (2009)

August 2009: Search by Belle in same channel finds no signal.

Limit set on production rate cannot exclude CDF result arXiv:0910.3138

December 2009: Belle searches for direct production

ggJ/y f. Allowed if JPC=0++ or 2++ . No signal found

PRL 104 112004 (2010)

January 2011: CDF updates analysis with larger

data set observes X(4140) with 5 s arXiv:1101.6058

February 2012 LHCb search in B+ J/yf K+decays see

No evidence PRD 091103(R) (2012)

latest results
Latest results

D0 finds evidence at > 3 s in same

decay mode as CDF/LHCb

Significance > 5 s

Published: Phys Rev D 89, 012004 (2014)

z b search
Zb search

Belle reports peaks in p± Ups(1S,2S,3S) arXiv:1105.4583

Zb1(10608) and Zb2(10650)

If real, must be exotic states

or possibly kinematic effect (CUSP)