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Core Aeration Services By Fit Turf PowerPoint Presentation
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Core Aeration Services By Fit Turf

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Core Aeration Services By Fit Turf
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Core Aeration Services By Fit Turf

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  1. Excellent Core Aeration Services Offered By Fit Turf

  2. Fit Turf is one of the leading providers of lawn care services across Colorado and is committed to offer efficient services at nominal prices. It has a team of skilled technicians who ensure that the customers are provided with highest degree of satisfaction along with a healthy and more resilient lawn.

  3. It offers services like core aeration, mosquito and perimeter pest control, deep root landscape feeding and weed control. Core aeration service offered by the company is popular among the clients as it directly benefits the soil of the lawn and provides them with greener and denser lawn.

  4. Core aeration is necessary for one’s lawn as it helps in dealing with issues related to hardening of soil, drainage, and in the conditions where the bare patches refuse to grow even when adequate amount of fertilizer is applied.

  5. This application tends to be beneficial to the lawn as it preserves the moisture present in it, enhances the uptake of fertilizers, and increases soil’s resistance towards insects. The experts of Fit Turf follow extensive process of core aeration

  6. which involves the usage of a core aeration machine for pulling 3 to 4 inch plugs from your lawn. It helps in the penetration of sunlight, water and soil into the root system of soil.

  7. Fit Turf believes in providing the customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. All the applications include the use of fertilizers, and most of the applications also include weed control services.

  8. The products being used in the applications are applied depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and the needs of your lawn. It provides its customers with efficient customer support services and they can reach the representatives of the company by simply calling the number provided on the website.

  9. Fit Turf ensures to repair or replace any kind of damage that occurs while performing the applications. For further information about the lawn care services offered by company, please visit