shake and sweat your body through zumba n.
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Shake and Sweat your Body Through Zumba PowerPoint Presentation
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Shake and Sweat your Body Through Zumba

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Shake and Sweat your Body Through Zumba - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you want easy options to find the gyms with Zumba in Delhi-NCR then FITPASS is the app for you. Thousands of gyms and dance studios on your fingertips.

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Shake and Sweat your Body Through Zumba

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shake and sweat your body through zumba

Shake and Sweat your Body Through Zumba

If you want easy options to find the gyms with zumba in Delhi-NCR then FITPASS is the app for you.

Thousands of gyms and dance studios on your finger tips. It will help you choose the best gyms and

studios. There are almost 1250+ others gyms and studios for just Rs.999 a month. You can also visit us at


Let’s hit the floor with Zumba. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories

without even realizing it. Being a perfect combination of fun and fitness, Zumba is a worldwide

phenomenon. It is true that ?Zumba is for anybody and everybody?.

Just try Zumba, because ?It is not a dance class it is a party! No one is judging you by your dance abilities.

Just have fun and feel the music." Zumba workouts have a vibe, permanent joy and happiness filling the

room, with a sense of empowerment that a person has never felt before."

do you know that zumba classes

Do you know that Zumba classes are one of the most effective forms of cardio? Yes, Zumba workouts are

a good cardio-dance workout. So, if you want to tone your muscles, increase flexibility, and boost your

mental health then Zumba is the workout for you. Kick start your day with a party.

Zumba workouts will make you fitter and healthier by the day. Sweat inducing pace and calorie burning

dance steps make Zumba the perfect workout for you. Losing fat and torching excess calories is the main

target of Zumba. The main aim is to make you leaner, fitter and healthier.

Zumba is a good cardio-dance workout. It works on your body through a good round of high and low

intensity of fitness in a way that you will be dancing your way by increasing your heart rate levels and at

the same time toning and shaping your body!

Zumba can help you achieve your fitness goals, provided, you are eating a balanced diet with restricted

calories. Any form of exercise goes hand in hand with diet.

the simple truth is that when you exercise your

The simple truth is that, when you exercise, your appetite goes up and you eat more than usual, which is

absolutely normal. What you eat, however, must be the right foods. Now when you stop exercising, your

diet tends to remain the same. The trick is to cut down on calories every little meal or snack you eat. Your

body adjusts to that mechanism and drop its appetite gradually.

So, before Zumba workouts it’s important that you have a sufficient amount of energy in order to

perform at your best during classes because, our goal is not to starve or deprive ourselves. The goal is to

nourish your body and fuel it for all your activity, including your zumba dance. Focus on choosing

delicious, healthy foods as fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, seeds. When you eat clean, both your

cravings and excess weight will disappear. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you are

consistent and fuel your body well.

So, now are you ready to hit the floor? If yes, and then keep the following in mind before Zumba:

Wear workout clothes: shorts, tank tops, sweat pants, etc

Wear dance shoes or sneakers as you will move your feet around a lot. Make sure your feet are


Bring a bottle of water you need to re-hydrate between dances. Drink plenty of water after class

as well!

Zumba is one of the highest energy workouts. Most of the time it really doesn't feel like you is working

out. You are just caught up in the fun, music and moves. Before you know it, a whole heart-pumping hour

has passed! If you like a good sweat, then you will love Zumba.

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