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Tips on Buying Weight Benches

Like any other regular benches required for sitting, the gym weight benches consist of a similar structure but are constructed to optimize your fitness training. They come in various designs and forms with discretionary add-on equipment. Read more.

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Tips on Buying Weight Benches

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  1. TIPS ON BUYING WEIGHT BENCHES Bench Presses are a Foundation for any Strength Training Program. The most important feature to consider when selecting a Weight Bench is the construction as it relates to your current and future fitness level. FitnessScape Weight Benches are constructed from Heavy Grade Steel to suit beginning and intermediate lifters all the way up to Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Steel Commercial Gym Rated Benches with up to a 1500 lb. Weight Capacity for the most Advanced Lifters. FitnessScape Weight Benches feature High –Density foam padding 2½-3 inches thick so you will never “bottom out”. Many of our Benches employ a Tapered Back Rest allowing shoulder clearance that is so essential when heavy benching. Weight Benches are available in several designs such as: the classic Olympic Bench, Flat to Incline Bench, Flat / Incline/ Decline Benches, Flat Benches … Nowadays Olympic Benches are geared towards Gyms and lifters training for competition. Benches with Adjustable back rests are ideal for Dumbbell Benching and Blasting the Chest from every possible angle; they are also more portable for use in Power Racks, Weight Lifting Cages and Smith Machines. Some weight benches offer optional attachments such as adjustable Preacher Curls and Leg Extension / Leg Curls. To buy weight benches, be sure to visit FitnessScape.com. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jane Mehigan is an expert fitness trainer and health coach who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in making all the right choices when it comes to working out and toning their body. She recommends FitnessScape.com as the name to trust if you are looking to buy home gym exercise equipment at the lowest prices and FREE Shipping.

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