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Rowing Machines – Different Types Available in the Market

Looking to buy gym equipment for use in your home? No matter where you look for tips and ideas, the one suggestion you will always get will be to buy a rowing machine. Read more.

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Rowing Machines – Different Types Available in the Market

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  1. Article 3: FitnessScape.com ROWING MACHINES – DIFFERENT TYPES AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET Looking to buy gym equipment for use in your home? Ask any Personal Trainer or Fitness Enthusiest for fitness tips and ideas you will hear “it's hard to beat a Rigorous Rowing Machine Workout”. It is economical, affordable and provides one of the most comprehensive workouts imaginable. While the reasons for buying a rowing machine for your personal workout regime are many, you will still have to make the difficult choice between the different types available in the market. This article will help you understand each variety and choose the one that best suits your needs. #Piston-Type Rowing machines In this machine, resistance is supplied by gas or hydraulic pistons which are attached to either the structure itself or the handlebar. Manually adjustable resistance levels offer years of trouble free use. The best pneumatic Rower available today is the Kettler Kadett the outrigger design closely mimics the actual movement of oars. #Fluid resistance rowing machines These machines make use of a water tank with paddle type wheel that is immersed in the fluid. This flywheel of sorts drags against the water, thereby generating the resistance that is met by the rower when pulling the handlebar. Fluid-resistance rowers tend to be the most expensive rowers, but aficionados of these models claim the realistic experience justifies the added cost. Some manufacturers go as far as creating handlebars from wooden material to add that extra touch of reality to the experience of rowing. #Magnetic rowing machines These machines make use of a magnetic braking system resistance, thereby creating twelve to sixteen difficulty levels and providing a wider span of choices to the user. How quickly you pull determines the amount of resistance, and resistance tends to increase through your stroke as the flywheel speeds up. Magnetic rowing machines provide for a much smoother and quieter movement but will also be heavier on your pocket. However, considering the features and utility offered by it, the higher cost may be justified against the tradeoffs you will receive. #Air resistance rowing machines In this machine, there is a flywheel attached that is designed to be similar to a fan blade, thereby generating wind resistance to increase the test on your endurance. How quickly you will pull the handle bar will determine the amount of resistance you will be met with however, this variety is often criticized as being somewhat different to the natural movement of the body that is generated in the actual rowing of a boat. #Electro-magnetic Resistance rowing machines Rowers that offer the best of both worlds they match air and Water rowers in the Greater the Energy in the Drive Stroke, the Resistance Automatically Matches the Force and provide the smooth and quiet movement of magnetic resistance. The Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine is a great example of this type rower it includes Heart Rate Control, wide resistance range of 25-500 Watts and made with Kettler's World Renowned German Standards of Quality When you consider brands, Kettler rowing machines are considered to be the best available in the market. The most popular models offered by the company include the Kettler Coach M rowing machine and the Kettler Kadett Outrigger. Visit FitnessScape.com to know more. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  2. Article 3: FitnessScape.com Jane Mehigan is an expert fitness trainer and health coach who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in making all the right choices when it comes to working out and toning their body. She recommends FitnessScape.com as the name to trust if you are looking to buy home gyms exercise equipment at interesting prices.

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