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Change Workout Routines to Blast Through Plateaus

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Change Workout Routines to Blast Through Plateaus

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  1. Change Workout Routines to Blast Through Plateaus ***The primary way to prevent Plateaus is changing workout routines. You may keep some staples if you like but the exact same routine seldom works after six times in a row so always design 5-6 routines for each muscle group and rotate about every six workouts. With an effective exercise routine the body gradually builds strength and endurance. However, keeping workouts too routine, benefits diminish over time. Change is crucial -If you follow the same exact exercise routine day in and day out the body adapts on a cardiovascular, respiratory, and cellular level limiting any physical improvement. Incorporating even slight changes into an exercise regimen can make a big difference. Below are a few suggestions:  Change the time of day at which you exercise- change to morning before eating to lose more fat: - you're already in Ketosis from fasting all night you will continue to burn Fat for fuel until you eat ! Simply change the order of exercises i.e. (do reverse curls, seated dumbbell curls then preacher curls - next time do preacher curls, seated dumbbell curls then reverse curls ..) If you prefer one type of exercise, such as running, change the exercise, itself, in some way. For instance, increase the intensity level or the length Use cadence, Change the Time Under Tension! - for example do the positive in a two count and the negative on a 3 count, 3 count on positive 5 count on negative ... Incorporate new exercises -different muscle groups call on different nerves to fire, (for beginners about 80% of strength gains are due to nervous system adaptation). When the Nerve reaches the threshold a full action potential is fired - often referred to as the "ALL OR NONE" principle Try Super Sets - train two antagonistic groups of muscles (chest and back or biceps and triceps, etc.). Thus, for each group of muscles must be performed a series of exercises, without a break in between; the break. (if any), is taken only at the end of this double effort. Partials - perform just a portion of a repetition at the Weakest Point such as the bottom of the bench press or the bottom of a squat. You would only lift the weight halfway up and then back down for each rep       There are Dozens of other ways to break through Plateaus above are just a few of the most common.

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