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Beginning the Short Story

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Beginning the Short Story - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beginning the Short Story. Clear Your Mind. Why will you write?. To persuade? To inform? To reflect?. To entertain? To inspire? To immortalize?. What will your story say?. Look beneath the surface for the truth. Life is survival of the fittest.

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why will you write
Why will you write?

To persuade?

To inform?

To reflect?

To entertain?

To inspire?

To immortalize?

what will your story say
What will your story say?
  • Look beneath the surface for the truth.
  • Life is survival of the fittest.
  • Through great struggle comes great triumph.
  • Love conquers all.
brainstorm activity
Brainstorm Activity
  • Brainstorm a list of stories that you personally have enjoyed.
  • Choose and rank your top three.
  • Share your selections with your group.
  • After everyone has shared, discuss if there are similarities or differences in what people like.
  • Finally, identify what are the characteristics of the stories you personally enjoy and write these in your notes.
themes brainstorm
Themes Brainstorm:
  • Brainstorm themes in your reading groups.
  • EACH STUDENT note all the themes your group suggests.
  • Then, choose a theme and brainstorm three different ways you might explore it. Write these down in your notes.
  • Brainstorm different types of settings that might fit with different themes.
  • Choose a particular setting for your story.
  • Write a descriptive paragraph that presents your chosen setting.
  • Use sensory details to develop your paragraph.
  • Look back at your list of stories that you personally enjoy.
  • Identify the type(s) of characters that interest you the most.
  • Create a brainstorm list of all the traits that you would like your character to have.
  • If you finish with that, then sketch a picture of your character and write a short biography.