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Mrs. Mariann Bernard

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Mrs. Mariann Bernard. 8 th Grade Physical Science Room 751 Phone: 290-2800 Ext 3751 Office hours: By appointment. Curriculum Goals.

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mrs mariann bernard

Mrs. Mariann Bernard

8th Grade Physical Science

Room 751

Phone: 290-2800 Ext 3751

Office hours: By appointment

curriculum goals
Curriculum Goals
  • Course Description: Students in grade eight study topics in physical sciences, such as motion, forces, and the structure of matter, by using a quantitative, mathematically based approach similar to the procedures they will use in high school. Earth, the solar system, chemical reactions, the chemistry of biological processes, the periodic table, density and buoyancy are additional topics that will be treated with increased mathematical rigor, again in anticipation of high school courses. Students should begin to grasp four concepts that help to unify physical sciences: force and energy; the laws of conservation, atoms, molecules, and the atomic theory; and kinetic theory. Those concepts serve as important organizers that will be required as students continue to learn science.
curriculum goals cont
Curriculum Goals cont.
  • Although much of the science called for in the standards is considered “classical” physics and chemistry, it should provide a powerful basis for understanding modern science and serve students as well as adults.
  • Mastery of the eighth-grade physical sciences content will greatly enhance the ability of students to succeed in high school science classes. Modern molecular biology and earth sciences, as well as chemistry and physics, require that students have a good understanding of the basics of physical sciences.
  • (California Department of
curriculum goals cont1
Curriculum Goals cont.
  • Course Requirements: In addition to the California State Standards that are covered in this course specific to Physical Science, Language Arts (reading and writing) Technology and Math strands are covered on a regular basis.
  • Most of these additional strands deal with how to write and refine a basic composition and a research paper. The Math strands reinforce basic data collection and representation through graphing and deciphering tables and data.

Success for each and every student is what I strive for at San Elijo Middle School. Parents please read all information carefully, as it will provide you with an explanation of how the class will operate. Parents, please help your child by providing a quiet place with a designated time for homework and studies. Your child can be successful in this class if they put in at least one hour of Science homework every other evening.

class rules
Class Rules
  • Expectations:
  • Follow the “Big 5” (The student is exhibiting safe, respectful, honest behavior, using appropriate language and following the Golden Eagle Rule).
  • Follow directions the first time given
  • Come to class prepared every day
  • Be in your seat before the bell rings
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself-No teasing, bullying or put downs
discipline plan
Discipline Plan
  • Verbal Warning
  • Behavior log entry
  • Contact with Parent/5 minute time out
  • 10 minute time out in another classroom
  • Escort by Administrator
  • *Severe: Directly to administration
class procedures
Class Procedures
  • Homework will be pre-assigned on a syllabus with some additions during the week.
  • All homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class time on the due date.
  • When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work and/or check for assignments that can be used as make up work for missing days. Regularly scheduled assignments are available on the website under homework/assignments, in the classroom, as well as on the syllabus. Prompt absent work will be accepted without penalty.
  • Any late assignments will follow the procedures and guidelines set forth by SEMS. Late work is not accepted as a preparation for high school rigor.
  • Labs are not repeated.
grading policy
Grading Policy:
  • Point system:
  • A maximum of 10 points can be earned each day (0 if absent)* in the following way:
  • 5 points awarded if student is prepared for class (in seat on time, class binder, pencils, paper, textbook/notes/lanb prep);
  • 5 points for proper student behavior demonstrated the entire class period;
  • Labs and projects will be conducted daily and up to 50 additional points can be earned for proper student participation and completion of all assignments due that week.
  • A total of 100 points is possible each week-in a 5 day school week.
  • .
grading cont
Grading cont.
  • Student Responsibilities: Class time will be used for review of chapters, material, lectures, and lab assignments. Students are required to be prepared for class.
  • PARENTS: students will receive an updated syllabus every two months, providing them with their assignments and also their earned weekly points. Every Friday, your child will record his/her points for their weekly total in the area marked TWP. Your signature in the area PS (parent signature) keeps you current on your child’s grade in Science and may earn them bank points to be applied on exams. The class newsletter will contain a copy of the syllabus on the back. A copy of the syllabus will also be posted on my teacher page.
  • The point system works out to be approximately:
  • 65% Homework, Labs, Quizzes, Class work
  • 35% Benchmarks
grade point breakdown
Grade Point Breakdown
  • A full breakdown will be provided on a separate document and posted on school website under class documents.
  • Parent volunteers are always a welcome addition to the Science lab. With the inquisitive minds of 8th grade students, an extra pair of eyes and hands is a gift not overlooked. If you wish to offer your help or assistance in any way, please contact me at
useful information
Useful information
  • (school website)
  • (my e-mail address)
  • Text: Focus on Physical Science: California Edition-Science Explorer, 2008,Prentice Hall. (Blue)
  • Periodic table: Basic data, some pictures, printable versions, history,
  • Astronomy picture of day: