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Long Island Fly Fishing PowerPoint Presentation
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Long Island Fly Fishing

Long Island Fly Fishing

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Long Island Fly Fishing

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  1. It is a method of angling wherein you make use of an artificial fly to catch fish that is referred to as fly fishing. A fly rod, specially made weighted line and reel are used to cast the fly. The casting techniques that you have to employ for Long Island Fly Fishing are different when compared with other casting forms. In order to make the fish strike, the artificial flies that you create must represent any of the fish prey such as terrestrial and aquatic insects, worms, vegetation, crustaceans, etc.

  2. The Roman CladiusAelianus is credited with the honor of using artificial fly in the 2nd century. In North America, fly anglers were the first to use artificially made lures for Long Island Fly Fishing of bass. These anglers who wanted to catch bass were responsible for developing the bass popper and spinner lures which are being used even today.

  3. Long Island Fly Fishing Casting: Fly fishing is a method in which you cast line and not lure. As the fly is very light, you need heavier line that unfurls from the reel. In non-fly fishing methods, the line is unfurled because of the weight of the lure.

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