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green maile leaves with pikake woven in the greens

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green maile leaves with pikake woven in the greens - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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green maile leaves with pikake woven in the greens

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made of green maile leaves with pikake woven in the greens. Pikake are small white flowers. The tradition is for the kahuna pule (holly man) to tie together the bride and grooms hands with the grooms lei.The bride wears a traditional lie that is many strands of white and pink pikake that includes orchids or rosebuds. It is also a Hawaiian tradition for the bride to wear haku flowers and greenery as a head peace. AttireThe traditional brides dress is white, long and made to flow like the breeze with her haku lei. It is a very elegant dress that signifies the importance and beauty of the day.The groom is also dressed in white; he wears a loose white shirt with white pants and the green lie around his neck. He also wears a traditional brightly colored sash around his waist. The sash is generally red. MusicThe sounds of the ukulele and slack key guitar naturally create traditional Hawaiian music that sings of romance. The music is mystical and famous to the Hawaiian Islands. The traditional wedding song for Hawaii is Blue Hawaii, which was also made popular by Elvis. FoodJust as in every other culture food is very distinctive. Hawaiian wedding cultures include certain foods. Poi is a food of Hawaiian culture that is offered at weddings. It is a paste made from taro root that has been pounded. Kulolo is also native to the islands, which
is coconut pudding with taro flavor and brown sugar. The best Hawaii wedding is a mix of old and new, make your nuptials one to remember.
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