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change these 5 behaviors to be the best soccer n.
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Change these 5 behaviors to be the Best Soccer Parents PowerPoint Presentation
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Change these 5 behaviors to be the Best Soccer Parents

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Change these 5 behaviors to be the Best Soccer Parents
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Change these 5 behaviors to be the Best Soccer Parents

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  1. Change these 5 behaviors to be the Best Soccer Parents When a child is growing up or he/she is in the development stage, parents play a vital role in their lives. Being in a vulnerable stage, they regard their parents as the foundation for a strong individuality. As a parent, it is your responsibility to look into your child’s soccer development and provide the necessary support. But are you sure you are providing the right support and encouragement to your child? Are you aware what kind of behavior from you can obstruct or encourage your child in developing the football skills? Sometimes even the right words at the right time can harm or hinder your child’s development. It is an acknowledged fact that every parent wants the best for their child but sometimes unknowingly, certain behaviors from you can have an adverse impact on the young mind.

  2. Let us look at some of the common behaviors of parents that must be strictly avoided: 1. Making mistakes is strictly forbidden - Making mistakes is the best way to learn. Without making mistakes, it is difficult for the child to realize his/her full potential. Even famous personalities have made mistakes in their past that have helped them to reach great heights in their career. Most of the kids look first at their parents and then at their coach to seek approval for their mistakes. They eagerly wait for you to tell them to try again and somewhere down the children know they won’t repeat the same mistakes later. They learn something valuable from the mistakes that help them to grow as a young and confident player. In other words, making mistakes initially is absolutely fine. 2. Parents fight unnecessary battles on behalf of their child - Parents approaching the coach for each and every matter can be irksome. It is alright in the beginning to inform the coach about how your child is practicing the game at home, his/her difficulties and scope of improvement. But after a certain time, you should let your child on your own- he/she must converse with the coach and directly approach without hesitation. In this way, there will be smoother communication in both the ways. 3. Unaware of the child’s real progress - As a parent, you have done all that it takes to enroll your child in kid soccer training in Bristol. But do you know how much is your child really progressing in terms of development? It is also one of your responsibilities to trace the development of soccer skills in your child. For this, you need to converse with your child regarding what he/she is learning and figure out the good and the bad part about it. You can also help your child to set personal goals for soccer in this way. 4. Cheer for the wrong things – Many a times, it is heard that parents shout out for their kids playing a match, saying ‘shoot it’ or ‘pass it’. This should not be done and there is a reason for it. It creates anxiety and pressure on your child who feels compelled to give the best kick or else the world is going to end! Instead you can encourage them in a simple manner when the game is being played. Also, if you see your child mastering a special technique in the practice session, make it a point to let them know. 5. Post game analysis - There are some parents who critically analyse a game immediately after it is over. This is a strict no-no! Your child already knows his/her mistake and there is no need to discuss the entire game. Instead be selective and discuss the best and the worst parts of the game. Also you can encourage your child by saying how much you enjoyed watching him/her play. Conclusion- It is an admitted fact that a child is firstly attached to his/her parents from the moment he/she is born. Thus it is important to be aware of what you say and how you behave when your child is playing on the ground so that it will have a positive impact on his/her mind. You can read the full content here : behaviors-to-be-the-best-soccer-parents/ Have any doubt left? Get in touch with First Step Soccer today! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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