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3 tips to help your child balance soccer n.
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3 Tips to Help your Child Balance Soccer and Studies PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Tips to Help your Child Balance Soccer and Studies

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3 Tips to Help your Child Balance Soccer and Studies
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3 Tips to Help your Child Balance Soccer and Studies

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  1. 3 Tips to Help your Child Balance Soccer and Studies It is very natural for any child to develop a passion for soccer, and have a dream to become a renowned soccer player at some point in their life. As a parent, you enrol your child in the leading institute for junior football coaching in Bristol and see your child learning some cool soccer skills. But only learning about soccer is not the sole duty of your child; he/she must also equally proceed and fair well in studies. It has been normally seen that children when they get enroled in football clubs in Bristol are young with no academic pressure. The problem arises when children get promoted to higher classes, study pressure creeps in and as a result, many parents refuse to send their children to soccer schools. Without any doubt, education is most important and should not be neglected for the sake of a sport; it is this education that will take your child to the highest rung in life’s ladder. But what’s life without sport? Pursuing education should not be at the cost of giving up soccer or learning soccer shouldn’t be done by neglecting studies. In fact, studies have shown those who are excellent in studies, are also outstanding in their favorite game!

  2. Are you wondering how is this possible? Read on to know how can you make your child learn football in Bristol while pursuing his/her studies: 1. Balance is the key- In order to achieve success in life, your child must learn the art of balancing and the younger he/she learns, the better. Nothing is possible to achieve without the right balance. There are many successful soccer players who were great in their studies during their student-life; hence, balancing the passion for learning soccer as well as pursuing studies, is not an unachievable task. Help your child to develop the right attitude in life; encourage him/her to have a disciplined life, to maintain a regular schedule that has fixed time allotted for studies, homeworks and going for football coaching in Bristol. Your child must positively figure out his/her own capabilities and limits and work for it accordingly. Remember! Nothing should be given emphasis more than it deserves- neither studies nor football! 2. The harmony between education and soccer- Many parents have the misconception learning soccer can hinder their child’s education or education can obstruct learning soccer. But that is not true! On the contrary, success in studies lead to success in soccer; in other words, if your child is academically successful, you can expect him/her to be a soccer champion. The logical reason is that players who do well in their studies, know the value of discipline; they learn to become methodized with better concentration levels. Moreover, such players can also quickly apply the techniques that they learn in Bristol’s premier football academy. Thus the relationship of pursuing education and learning soccer is indeed a harmonious one! 3. The power of having a role model- Inspiration itself is a powerful a motivator and can help you achieve the impossible; thus, having a role model works wonders! Your child must interact with people who are encouraging and influential; it could be parents, coach, friends, siblings or anyone else. If your child sees someone who is pursuing studies and soccer both and doing well simultaneously, he/she will find it easier (rather than impossible) to do well in both the fields. As a parent, make your child believe in the words- ‘Impossible itself spells I AM POSSIBLE.’ Conclusion- Contrary to what most parents think that pursuing soccer and studies both will affect each other in the long run, that is not the case! You can encourage your child to pursue both by remembering the above-mentioned tips. To know more about how to pursue studies and soccer both, visit http://www.firststepssoccer.com/bristol/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Steps Soccer Wiltshire Address:Nova Hreod Academy, Akers Way, Swindon, United Kingdom, SN2 2NQ

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