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First Search Consultancy is an enterprise dedicated towards providing high end search engine optimization services to every industry vertical and to ensure that the website gets promoted through the most legitimate and bona fide ways.

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search engine engineering by

Search Engine Engineering By

First Search Consultancy

about fsc

About FSC

First Search Consultancy is an enterprise dedicated towards providing high end search engine optimization services to every industry vertical and to ensure that the website gets promoted through the most legitimate and bona fide ways. Work is done towards enhancing the business done by these enterprises and the endeavor is directed towards making the infrastructure of the website robust. First Search Consultancy comes with multiple years of experience in the search rankings domain and deploys its synergies towards attaining paid for and natural listings on celebrated search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Websites of every type are developed at the firm and finished with all the latest technological features.

topics to cover


About Search Engine optimization

What Social Media Optimization

On page optimization

Off page Optimization

Why Internet Marking Important for our Web Site

Information About Pay Per Click

Black hat & white hat SEO

Link Popularity

about search engine optimization

About Search Engine optimization

These days, every website wants to be featured in the list of top ten websites on the search engine. Therefore, to reach the zenith, you need to understand the algorithm of the search engines and changes should be implemented according to the search engines. In order to achieve the benefits of search engine optimization, an effective SEO strategy is necessary. Some of the biggest and most popular SEO strategies are link popularity, keyword research and website marketing.

social media optimization by first search consultancy

Social Media Optimization by First Search Consultancy

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a broad term used to describe the various tools, networks and technologies used for sharing content, ideas and knowledge and connecting and collaborating online. It encompasses wikis, podcasts, blogs, social networks, forums, message boards and other viral-type platforms where people from different communities come together.

onpage and offpage optimization by first search consultancy

Onpage and Offpage Optimization by First Search Consultancy

To rank a website amongst the top ten on search engines, there are certain facets that have to be brought to the attention of search engine spiders. Spiders/bots would recognize the website based on its content and the On Pages. The reason would be that bots read the source code of a website in the text format and ignore the flash and other designs. Therefore, the On Page and the content of a website will play a major role in ranking the websites on top of the search rankings. Content is always a king and it should be unique to represent the website. On the other hand, On Page is also a king in manipulating the results delivered due to the optimization performed by the SEO Services or Internet Marketers.

offpage optimization by first search consultancy

Offpage Optimization by First Search Consultancy

To improve your SEO rank and increase traffic influx on your site, you need to get more popular websites linking to you. This is called inbound linking. As you know, specific criteria must be met in order to boost your SE rank using off page optimization. So the big question is: does article marketing pack the muscle to push you up on the search engines... or is it just a waste of time?

why internet marking important for our web site

Why Internet Marking Important for our Web Site

Internet marketing has been most the favorable medium to market products and services for the companies. It is very easily done, as internet marketers publish advertisements on various sites that link to the main sites of the company selling the product. They also incorporate the methodology of email marketing to send mails and gain wide exposure so they can use social networking sites to pull the crowd. They may even use forums, blogs and many free sites where one makes posts to seek product awareness. Some internet marketers earn money by many ways such as pay per click or paid after sale model, some people also pay to build links and back links.

information about pay per click by first search consultancy

Information About Pay Per Clickby First Search Consultancy

The world knows that the Internet is an excellent way to generate income. Whether you are a sales company or possessing general interest, PPC affiliate programs are a powerful way to create income. Here is how it works. An affiliate merchant will provide an advertisement on your site and pay every time someone clicks on the advertisement. Compensation is always placed between $0.10 to $0.30, each time there is a "clicker". Occasionally, a merchant will require a quota. For instance they may only pay a certain price for every 1000 clicks. You may even be able to get discounts for products from the affiliate merchant.

black hat white hat seo

Black hat & white hat SEO

Black Hat search engine optimization is defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings through unethical manners. These black hat SEO techniques usually include one or more of the following characteristics:

One who breaks search engine rules?

Unethically presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.

White hat SEO work refers to legitimate and proper ways of increasing traffic where as unethical processes and chucking with rules are common practices in black hat SEO. White hat SEO work proves to be very effective in the longer run while on the other hand, black hat SEO never lasts long.

link popularity services by first search consultancy

Link Popularity Services by First Search Consultancy

Link building is the process of increasing link popularity and search engine exposure through many channels including, Link Exchanges, Directory Submissions and many more techniques. There are three types of link building processes:

Link Exchanges.

One Way Link Building.

Three Way Link Building.

contact us

Contact Us

First Search Consultancy :

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