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What is FIRE PowerPoint Presentation
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What is FIRE

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What is FIRE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is FIRE. Fire. Is the rapid oxidation of a fuel, which produces heat and light. Fire. HOT DARK FAST - will travel through a home

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What is FIRE

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    1. What is FIRE

    2. Fire Is the rapid oxidation of a fuel, which produces heat and light.

    3. Fire • HOT • DARK • FAST - will travel through a home • in less than 5 minutes

    4. Fire Triangle HEAT FUEL OXYGEN

    5. Oxygen Is in the air all around us

    6. Heat Matches / Lighters and other forms of ignition

    7. Fuel Consists of liquids, solids, & gases so really everything and anything that will burn is a fuel

    8. Fire Growth Terms • Incipient • Free Burning • Flashover • Smoldering • Backdraft

    9. SMOKE Carbon Monoxide Carbon Dioxide Sulfur Dioxide Water Vapor Other Deadly Gases

    10. Smoke Alarms Replace Battery Once A Year

    11. Smoke Alarms Test Once A Week

    12. Smoke Alarms Clean Once A Month

    13. Smoke Alarms Bedroom Hall Bedroom Garage Kitchen Family Room Basement Workshop

    14. Escape Plans You need to make an Escape Plan with your family and then practice it often

    15. Escape Plans Your plan should include at least 2 ways out of every room of your home.

    16. Escape Plans If you have to go through smoke to exit a building you need to Get Down and Crawl under the smoke.

    17. Escape Plans Meeting Places

    18. Fire Extinguishers Multi-Purpose 12 - 20 Foot Range 8 - 25 Second Length 2A - 10BC Minimum For Home Use

    19. Fire Extinguishers Class “A” ash Wood, Paper

    20. Fire Extinguishers Class “B” boil Flammable Liquids, Gases, Grease

    21. Fire Extinguishers Class “C” current Energized Electrical Equipment

    22. Fire Extinguishers • Pull the Pin • Aim at the base of the fire • Squeeze the handle • Sweep nozzle from side to side

    23. Fire Extinguishers • Make sure that someone has called the fire department • Make sure that the fire is not spreading and going to block your way out of the building • Make sure that your clear on how to use the extinguisher • Make sure that your extinguisher is for the type of fire present

    24. Name Address Phone # What’s Wrong

    25. Reporting A Fire When reporting a Fire, place the call from a neighbors house, cell phone , or other place away from the affected house.

    26. Stop, Drop & Roll If your Clothes catch on Fire, you need to… STOP...

    27. Stop, Drop & Roll If your Clothes catch on Fire, you need to... STOP… DROP to the ground...

    28. Stop, Drop & Roll If your Clothes catch on Fire, you need to... STOP… DROP to the ground… ROLL back and forth, over and over, to put out the fire

    29. Cool Water on a Burn Put Cold Water on the burn for at least 15 minutes to take the heat away.


    31. Fire Engines Are used by firefighters to put water on fires that firefighters respond to.

    32. Brush Trucks Are used by firefighters to extinguish woods fires.

    33. Ladder Trucks Have long ladders that are used to gain access to tall buildings

    34. Rescue / Squads These vehicles carry special rescue tools

    35. Specialized Vehicles Chiefs Car Ambulance Tanker Haz-Mat / Command

    36. Support Vehicles Fire Boats Dive Units Helicopter Rescue Boats

    37. Others Involved Police News Media

    38. Victims Red Cross Hospitals

    39. Review 1. What is Fire 2. Smoke and Smoke Detectors 3. Fire Extinguishers & Escape Plans 4. Stop, Drop, & Roll 5. Cool Water 6. Firefighters Equipment 7. Firefighting Vehicles 8. Others Involved 9. Article 27