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Green Economy :

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Green Economy :
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Green Economy :

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  1. Green Economy: AboalhassanHosseini Phd of management Scientific secretary of “Green Economy”conference 12 may 2014

  2. IntroductionPerhaps the single most important challenge facing society today is the need for economic activity to remain within the ecological constraints of a finite planet.In recent years, the issues of new energy, renewable energy, preventing the destruction of nature, the proper use of natural energy instead of fossil fuels and discussions like this have attracted dramatic global attention. This attention even goes beyond the economic issues and has become political debates and conflicts among nations.

  3. Introduction • RI20 conference in 2012, the G8 meetings and many of these kinds of meetings among powers prove the significance of this issue. • Since 2010, the three issues of green economy, international environment governance and biodiversity has been on the agenda of the UN Environment Program.

  4. Green economy is a kind of economy that can provide a higher quality of life within the constraints of the ecosystems of the planet for the public. On the one hand, it promotes the welfare and wellbeing of human society and on the other hand it reduces the environmental risks.

  5. Conceptualisation of the Green Economy Concept • All referred to UNEP’s definition which describes a green economy as one which: • Results in improved human well-being and social equity and significantly reduces environmental risks and ecological scarcities And several added the following elements: • Is low-carbon, climate and resource-efficient • Maintains natural capital • Takes advantage of growth and job opportunities • Small States have also been influenced by regional dialogues or have influenced them

  6. The switch to clean energy will of course improve environmental quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and impact sustainability by reducing energy use.

  7. Within the green economy, businesses interact with and are influenced by the government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, unions, utilities and trade associations in the regional innovation system, we should acknowledge here straight away that the green economy itself is still a contested concept. To some, it represents a way to save a failing economic system. “A green economy grows faster than a ‘brown’ economy over time, while maintaining and restoring natural capital.

  8. According to the above discussions, it is hoped to hold such conferences and benefit from scholars, experts and professionals' viewpoints, and take effective steps in developing a green economy.

  9. Thank You