Application and development
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Application and development. Femke, Paul, Matthew , Bas If we do anything … it should be ready in 6-12 months , otherwie we’ll be overhauled by reality This means Small Scope and/ or Large Resources If we do anything … it should be Open Source. Application and development.

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Application and development
Application and development

  • Femke, Paul, Matthew, Bas

    If we do anything … itshouldbeready in 6-12 months, otherwiewe’llbeoverhauledbyreality

    • ThismeansSmall Scope and/orLarge Resources

      If we do anything … itshouldbe Open Source

Application and development1
Application and development

Develop a tool forencryptiongeared at end users, applicable to any kind of Cloudusage

Explore the separation of Storage and Process

Combine these and other, smallscalesolutoins, to achieve the biggersolutionregarding trust, security, confidentiality

Application and development2
Application and development

Notion: there are alreadysmallofferings of more trustedorreliablecloud services, e.g. the What-Not-Cab-Be-named-DropBoxfacilities

Requirements list, a SMART action !!!

Application and development3
Application and development

JISC, CSC and SURF are (inter)nationally promoting federations.

Theycan do that as wellforCloudrequirements

Theyshould set up a Requirements List

  • Convince vendors to comply to requirements made byinstitutions, otherwiseHEI’snotinterested:

    • SAML2, (welldeveloped) API’s, O-AUTH

Application and development4
Application and development

Set up a requirements list collaboratively (workinggroup of JISC-CSC-SURF plus HEI reps)

List vendors thatcomply

List institutionsthatcomply

Canvas to getotherHEI’son the list

ACTION2: explore/findconvincingstrategy to have OVF support required, to avoid vendor lock-in.

Application and development5
Application and development


  • Specific, and can start fro the dtchexample

  • Measurable: indication we wish to have 25 % of the institutions support the list, and in the firstyear a significant # of complying vendors

  • Acceptable – as long as the requirements are reasonablecompliance is anacceptedpractice

  • Realistic – it’salreadydone (SURFnet in NL)

  • Timely – Now is the time of Cloudcontracting, communitypressureon vendors shouldbuild up now.