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The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange. Exchange Presentation Audio/Visual. A Private Insurance Exchange for Employers, Employees and Individuals. Built to meet our brokers needs Designed to fulfill consumer expectations. Location, Location, Location. Branding. Navigation. Next Steps.

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The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

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Presentation Transcript

  1. The Ohio Health Insurance Exchange Exchange Presentation Audio/Visual

  2. A Private Insurance Exchange for Employers, Employees and Individuals Built to meet our brokers needs Designed to fulfill consumer expectations

  3. Location, Location, Location

  4. Branding

  5. Navigation

  6. Next Steps

  7. Next Steps

  8. Platforms

  9. Get A Quote

  10. Broker Tools

  11. Broker Tools • OHIEX provides an alternate marketplace from the state and/or federal insurance exchanges where an employee previously covered by an employer sponsored health plan (prior to 2014) may purchase health coverage. • Employer Portal • Define DCHPs • Customize employee benefit portfolio • Track employee plan selections • Employee Portal • Search and compare health plans • Enroll in a health plan • Track spending

  12. Company Profile • Employer or HR Generalist creates account: • Asked to complete a company account profile • Creates an administrative portal for company • Captures pertinent tax and filing information • Upload logo for personalized look and feel

  13. Security • Top-Level Security. • Only accessible by approved personnel • Password protected • Data is encrypted and stored on secure servers • We maintain strict HIPAA compliance and security protocols to protect PHI

  14. Tiered Employee Profiles • Employer defines contribution: • Can be tiered based on employee type • Contribution regulations still TBD • Each tier can receive different contributions • Full-Time • Part-Time • Executive Team

  15. Enter Employee Info • Employer adds employee information: • Information persists to quoting forms and applications • Employee classification is kept confidential • Email automatically sent to the employee • Add employees individually or in bulk

  16. Account Set Up Confirmation • Process verifies accuracy: • Confirm account set-up • Log-in prompt upon verification • Easy to follow process • Once verified, emails are sent to the employees

  17. Employee Enrollment • Employees start the enrollment process: • Secure named user access • Open marketplace • May be posted to the company intranet • Includes details on product and availability • Resource tools • Call Center support available • Process is laid out to employee: • Indication of subsidy eligibility • Info on public exchanges • Process flow provided to consumer • Run quotes and view coverage • Compare plans • Enroll in plan

  18. Subsidy Eligibility • Easy to use subsidy calculator: • Includes HCR FAQ’s • Requires minimally invasive information • Based on income and people in household • Ability to skip this step is included

  19. Subsidy Eligibility • If consumer is eligible for subsidy: • Consumer will be directed to public exchange: • Exact subsidy eligibility determined • Subsidy info transfers to OHIEX • OHIEX shows adjusted premiums • OHIEX platform includes QHP’s • Consumer will then select plan from OHIEX • Enrollment will happen on the Public exchange • OHIEX then recommends ancillaries

  20. Plan Selection Assistance • Employees completes a brief survey: • Narrows plan options based on responses • Determines best fit for consumer • Creates easy interface for plan selection

  21. Plan Selection Tools • Employees selects best option • Full cost breakdown and plan information • Side by side plan compare feature • Options for major medical and ancillary • Access to product brochures and networks • Information separated by product type • Click ‘Select’ to enroll

  22. Reporting

  23. Individual Option

  24. Individual Option

  25. Individual Option

  26. Individual Option

  27. Individual Option

  28. Summary We’re building a site that really brings home the reality that is the future of healthcare. OHIEX is a destination for consumers to compare and select their health and ancillary insurance coverage's with the highest possible level of service. Our consumers can turn to their broker at any time for guidance – in fact the broker can walk their client through the entire process, in person or from a remote location. Alternately, the consumer has access to information about all the available products, enabling them to make independent, informed decisions if they so choose.

  29. Summary

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