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  1. C.F. UP-GRADE Designed for high speed filling of wine/water in to 2 to 20 litre boxes

  2. Italian Design for High Performance


  4. Production Speeds to meet your needs • C.F. UP-GRADE provides consistent high speeds • Pneumatic drives on bag feed and capper optimize filler speeds and provide consistent repeatable fills • 3 litre 700 bags per hour • 5 litre 600 bags per hour • 10 litre 500 bags per hour

  5. Twin filler configuration for fully automatic lines

  6. Simple Size Change • Change with a selection at the operator Touch Screen and switching out the loader chute • Pneumatic cylinders allow bag size change without mechanical adjustment of the bag feed up to 10 litres • Less than 10 minutes for a filler size change

  7. Proven Bag into Box Loader • Bags are loaded into the corrugated box under the filler • Load chute moves down into the box to ensure bag is not damaged during loading • Load chute is changed in minutes with no tool • Box indexer rail width change can be automatic

  8. Intergral Bag into Box loader with conveyor across the filler

  9. Lay-out

  10. References • UTLA Norway water 1H • COCA COLA Italy syrup 1H • PIAVE Italy wine 2H • VINCHIO Italy wine 1H • SETTESOLI Italy wine 2H • SOAVE Italy wine 1H • BIRGI Italy wine 1H • BORBA Portugal wine 1H • SOAVE Italy wine 1H • BACUS CSI wine 1H • PROTOS CSI wine 2H

  11. High Accuracy Fills • 40mm E&H Mag meter provides +/- 0,25% fill accuracy • Mechanically controlled fill valve provides consistently repeatable fills • Stainless steel DN 40 elbows avoid water hammering in the line • Filling valve in stand-by position is ready for C.I.P. without the need of an operator for the positioning of the movable pipe.

  12. No splash, no drip and consistent air control • Filling valve ensures fast consistent clean fills • Piston under the bag ensures minimum air in bag after fill • Vacuum pulls drip from fill nozzle before capping • Nitrogen replaces air in fill gland

  13. Driven capper mechanism provides consistent re-capping

  14. C.I.P. • All functions and sequences are fully automatic and alarms and interlocks ensure the filler is cleaned and sterilized (by hot water or steam) before production • Filler will not run production if C.I.P. is not completed. • C.I.P. adapter is fully automatic. No manual operations

  15. OPTIONS • HEPA filter (class 100) for ESL or purified water filling

  16. Safety and Guarding • Meets all CE Health and Safety regulations • Full IP 65 hose down capability

  17. Electric/Controls • Meets all CE Electrical standards • Fully sealed stainless steel enclosure • Siemens PLC is standard. Allen Bradley is optional • Operator interface is a Touch Panel in local language. Intuitive step by step instructions make it easy for low skilled people to run the filler • All pneumatic valves and cylinders are SMC brand • Integrated automatic loading

  18. The Operator Interface

  19. The Leader in high speed, high reliability Bag in Box Filling Machines • Approx. 25 Web wine filler in European wineries • Astepo fillers used by major wineries in Italy

  20. Optionsallow you to buy a filler that meets your exact specifications • Loader to suit bags from most manufacturers (Aran, Goglio, LB, Rapak, Scholle, Socar) • Loader to suit most bag sizes & box styles • Removable uncapper for Presstap, Vitop, Flextap caps • Turbine (for oil/water), volumetric flow meter (for wines/musts), or mass flow meter (for sauces/ketchup) • Automatic lubrication system • Coding and labelling of bags • Off-site modem connnection • Data collection and remote monitoring

  21. Complete Lines Possibility of integrated lines with carton box erectors/closers (with glue)

  22. Possibility of taylor-made plastic handle applicator

  23. Service Support • Service technicians in Italy, Spain, Portugual, France, China, Vietnam, and USA • Training programs for your personnel • Detailed PM plan for the filler • Manual on CD