welcome to mrs scott and mrs mancill s fourth grade open house n.
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Welcome to Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Mancill’s Fourth Grade Open House! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Mancill’s Fourth Grade Open House!

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Welcome to Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Mancill’s Fourth Grade Open House! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Mancill’s Fourth Grade Open House!. Our Schedule. 8:10 – 8:45 Morning work 8:45 – 9:35 Writing 9:35 – 10:20 Specials 10:20 – 11:50 Reading 11:50 – 12:25 Lunch 12:25 – 12:55 Physical Education/Recess 12:55 – 2:00 Math 2:00 – 2:45 Science/Social Studies

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our schedule
Our Schedule
  • 8:10 – 8:45 Morning work
  • 8:45 – 9:35 Writing
  • 9:35 – 10:20 Specials
  • 10:20 – 11:50 Reading
  • 11:50 – 12:25 Lunch
  • 12:25 – 12:55 Physical Education/Recess
  • 12:55 – 2:00 Math
  • 2:00 – 2:45 Science/Social Studies
  • 2:50 Dismissal
goals for this year
Goals for this year!
  • Develop written expression skills that allow them to communicate in both narrative and expository styles
  • Master all basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and be able to use those facts accurately when doing computation and problem solving
  • Learn to work cooperatively in groups and to sometimes take the leadership role
  • Learn to speak in front of their peers with confidence and style (Tropicana Speech)
goals cont d
Goals (cont’d)
  • Learn self discipline through independent projects
  • Learn to plan long-range projects and bring them to completion (Science Fair Project)
  • Learn to stay focused and bring written tasks to completion
  • Learn basics of note-taking
co teaching approaches
Co-Teaching Approaches
  • One teach, one drift
  • Parallel teaching
  • Station teaching
co teaching benefits
Co-teaching Benefits
  • Two heads are better than one!
  • Students have more opportunities to respond
  • More social opportunities
  • More eyes on students = improved listening and participation
  • Extra help available for all students

Discipline is vital to maintaining positive classroom management and ensuring your child’s progress. Our discipline plan is as follows:

Be prompt: on time

Be prepared: materials and mind ready

Be respectful of yourself and others

Remain on task

Expect to learn!

behavior consequences
Behavior Consequences

If a student chooses not to follow classroom rules they will be given a verbal warning. If the student does not adhere to this warning the following consequences will take place:

  • Consequence #1: student will miss 10 minutes of recess time
  • Consequence #2: time out in another classroom
  • Consequence #3: phone call home
  • Consequence #4: sent to the office to speak with principal
  • Will be used daily to record homework assignments and upcoming tests.
  • Please check and sign daily.
  • This is a good place for us to communicate.
  • Any important information that is coming home will be sent in the agenda (Rock Star Binder) or in the Grade Folders on Thursdays.
class incentives
Class Incentives
  • Earn money for end of year auction
  • Fun Friday
  • Rock Star of the Week
  • Recess
  • Advanced Reader (AR Goals)
  • Superintendent’s Award (Must read at least 25 books for the school year.)
grade folders
Grade Folders
  • Sent home every Thursday
  • Includes:
    • graded papers from previous week
    • a progress report (Please sign and return.)

Keeping you informed of your child’s current academic status is a priority!

grading scale
Grading Scale
  • 90-100 A
  • 80-89 B
  • 70-79 C
  • 60-69 D
  • 0-59 F
class absences
Class Absences
  • Students who are absent are responsible to make up the work they have missed within two days of being back to school.  Students will be given a form with the work they have missed.  Students are still responsible to turn in spelling homework on Thursday as well as taking the test. Spelling words will be posted on my website all year for students to access.
homework assignments
Homework Assignments
  • Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights, and should take about 30-40 minutes each night.  
  • Homework is due the following day it is assigned, unless stated otherwise in agendas.
handing in homework
Handing in Homework
  • Students are responsible for turning their homework in every morning to the corresponding subject homework tray.
  • Unless a student is absent, there will be consequences (loss of Fun Friday) for late or incomplete homework and students will still need to complete and hand in ASAP.
weekly assignments
Weekly Assignments
  • Spelling: Complete 3 choices off the spelling tic-tac-toe menu. Due no later than Thursday morning.
  • Wednesday: Read the weekly story and study vocabulary. Reading Comprehension Test on Thursday (unless a novel study is going on).Study and practice spelling words- spelling test on Thursday.
  • Skills
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Algebra
    • Fractions
    • Geometry
  • Please review multiplication facts with your child.
  • There will be quizzes or tests weekly.
  • Online Textbook: http://bit.ly/Grade4SEonline
  • We will be reading a new story every week. Some weeks will be set aside for novel studies.
  • The students will take a test on each story every Thursday as well as taking a spelling test.
  • The weekly reading test is broken down into two categories
    • Vocabulary (new words weekly),
    • Comprehension (Can use their books for this part)
  • Stations
  • Online Textbook: : http://bit.ly/grade4rdgse
  • We will be doing a writing prompt every week.
  • We will be working on writing both expository and narrative essays. (One of these will be on the FCAT Writing)
  • Your child will have 45 minutes to plan, write, and proofread their essay. (45 minutes for the test)
  • By working on these skills now your child will become more familiar with the test and the testing situation.
social studies
Social Studies
  • We will be taking a “road trip” through Florida and learning all about our state’s exciting history!
  • We will be learning all about Florida from its earliest settlers to how it is today. This will take them from the settling of Native American colonies in Florida, to the effect of the Civil War on Florida, to how Florida is populated and governed today.
  • Interactive Notebook
  • Tests will be about every 2 weeks.
  • Here are just a few new exciting Science topics for this year: sound, matter, electricity, force and motion, water cycle, and rock cycle.
  • There will be a Science test about every 2 weeks.
  • The students will be required to complete a Science Fair Project in the spring. This will be done completely at home and a display board will be brought to school for the science fair.
  • Online Textbook: http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
fcat tests
FCAT Tests
  • FCAT Writing Feb. 28th-March 1st
  • FCAT Reading and Math April 16th-27nd
getting ready for fcat
Getting Ready for FCAT
  • Reading: www.fcatexplorer.com
  • Math: www.coolmath.com
  • Reading and Math FCAT 2010-2011 Sample test booklets:
  • http://fcat.fldoe.org/fcat2/fcatitem.asp
  • University of South Florida’s FCAT site: http://fcit.usf.edu/fcat/default.htm
field trips
Field Trips
  • St. Augustine: February
  • Application Procedures
  • Volunteer forms are required to:
    • chaperone fieldtrips
    • work with students in the room
  • eSembler
  • Class Website www.mrs-scott.com
  • Mimio
odds and ends
Odds and Ends
  • When bringing in a Birthday treat for your child, please let me know ahead of time so we can make time to celebrate!
  • Change in Transportation Notes
  • www.MyLunchmoney.com: To create an account log in with user name and password. You will need to have your student's district ID number student’s date of birth, school and grade to complete the enrollment.
contact information
Contact Information
  • Email -



  • Phone -


thank you for coming

Thank you for coming!

Have a wonderful evening!