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Welcome to (Insert Course info) PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to (Insert Course info)

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Welcome to (Insert Course info) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to (Insert Course info)
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  1. Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade Welcome to (Insert Course info)

  2. Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade Kotz, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity 7e + OWLare your required course materials chosen by (Insert prof) • You can get a better grade by using these course materials. • You will be assigned reading and homework from these materials. • You will be tested on content from these materials. • Study tools designed to help you study smarter (not harder) are in: OWL • Every chapter has been scrutinized for clarity, level, and integration of media, which includes hundreds of guided simulations, animations, video clips, and a personal tutor.

  3. Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade OWL • What You Get: • The #1 online homework system in chemistry • A “Mastery” learning system where you practice until you succeed • A system that offers: • Unique tools for structure viewing & drawing • Online resources such as tutorials, simulations and exercises that help you understand concepts and prepare for exams • The assistance you need to help you learn chemistry AND excel in your general chemistry course! URL: cengage.com/OWL • Everything you to know about registering for OWL in one location, including links to purchase access codes, FAQs, and links to tech support.

  4. Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade Will OWL help you get a better grade? • 20% improvement in grades…2 letter grade difference between those who complete OWL and those who do little. • ProfessorBeverly Clement, Blinn College • YES! Anywhere between 10-20% point difference between the students who have done 90% of the required OWL assignments and those who have not. • Professor Diana Mason, University of North Texas

  5. Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade WHERE TO BUY YOUR REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS • (MAKE APPROPRIATE EDITS BASED ON EACH ADOPTION) • Bookstore • Textbook/bundle title info • Bookstore’s price • If a bundle, show savings compared to the stand-alone items • Insert any other available ancillaries • (Include the following if employing an iChapters.com strategy) • 2. iChapters.com • eBook: 50%off the price of the textbook • eChapters: Buy individual chapters as you need them • Include print text/bundle info and price here if it is not available in the bookstore • Enter URL for microsite or store’s link to iChapters.com

  6. Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade • Purchase textbooks in the format and at the price that is right for you. • Print Options • NEWprint textbooks at up to 15%off, + Free Shipping! • Digital Options • Electronic texts up to 50% off • Individual chapters for as little as $1.99 • Study Tools • Study Guides, Online Homework Assistance, Audio Content, and more Visit www.iChapters.com to buy the way you want and SAVE!