real estate projects in dhanbad reasons n.
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Real Estate Projects in Dhanbad

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Real Estate Projects in Dhanbad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reasons as to why an individual would desire to invest in real estate projects of Dhanbad. Some of the major benefits to be attained by an investor of real estate in Dhanbad.

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real estate projects in dhanbad reasons

Real Estate Projects in Dhanbad

Reasons as to why an individual would desire to invest in real estate projects of Dhanbad.

Some of the major benefits to be attained by an investor of real estate in Dhanbad are:

•Spacious commercial spaces: Various spatial or customized amenities are provided to

people who want their own work spaces. Commercial spaces like shopping malls,

multiplex, office buildings, show rooms, cafeteria etc. have been developed to meet

the point of satisfaction for investment.

•Luxurious apartments: Developers are providing luxurious lifestyle to the home

buyers. Home buyers can live well with an awesome arrangement in apartments or

flats with amenities such as laundry, dishwasher, outdoor space, AC, lift, fitness

center, parking etc.

•Employment opportunities: There are lots of job opportunities available in Dhanbad.

Apart from coal mining, it is also famous for the railway zone or government sector,

which provides for better career options and opportunities.

Dhanbad is one of the most commercialized zones of the state. Apart from mining coal, it is

also famous for its markets and bazaars as goods are available at low and affordable prices.

There are many shopping malls and centers that are also spread across Dhanbad that provide

a pleasant shopping experience.

Dhanbad is no longer an undeveloped city. It has now developed into a smart city. It is now

filled with large towers and buildings that provide workplace for many offices. Amenities

required for office spaces like cafeteria, lounges, lobby areas, etc. are provided. Dhanbad has

not only progressed in terms of offices and shops, but also is developing schools,

infrastructure, hospitals, transport, means of communication, etc.

The per capita income is high in a city like Dhanbad. The price of land had started to rise

from 2008-2009. Similar to other developing cities in India, the demand for homes has

increased and potential home buyers want to invest in apartments in Dhanbad. The quality

of infrastructure and amenities provided is also taken into account when considering to buy a

home so real estate projects are providing

home. So, real estate projects are providing amenities like children’s playground, gardens,

gymnasium etc. As many people want to invest here, the demand for apartments or homes

has also risen.

As Dhanbad is considered as one of the developed cities of Jharkhand, many famous builders

are planning for real estate projects in Dhanbad. Dhanbad has the second highest population

in Jharkhand. As such, the city is also host to many excellent educational institutions.

Families belonging to the Hindi belt move to Dhanbad for better education opportunities for

their children.

Dhanbad is a metropolitan city of Jharkhand, India. There cuisine is influenced by a

combination of dishes from Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, etc. As such, there are

multiple multi cuisine restaurants that have sprung up. They are worth visiting because of the

appetizing food that is available. Vegetarian, non vegetarian, fast food, continental, Mughlai,

Chinese, etc. options are available that cater to the taste buds of all kinds of people.

For recreation purposes, many clubs have been built. These clubs provide all types of basic

and modern facilities to their members. Facilities like swimming pool with kids pool, gym,

conference room, indoor and outdoor games, etc. are available. A relaxed day or weekend

with family and friends or colleagues can be spent in these clubs. Clubs with special gaming

zones in Dhanbad are also very popular amongst the youth.

The combination of mall and multiplexes serve the purpose to both movie lovers and

shoppers alike. Children can have fun at the Kids Zone with Video Game alleys, Kids Play

Corner and much more. A one of a kind gaming club available for children that provides

both outdoor and indoor games as well as provides a reading room for children from all age


The concept of live-work-shop and play at a single destination is fulfilled by the concept of

residential cum commercial projects, which are located at the heart of the city. This concept

ensures best possible luxurious living at the most sought after location. The enticingly

designed residential cum commercial projects represents the magnificence of comfort at

work which is met with the calmness

work, which is met with the calmness of the atmosphere with the presence of luxurious

apartments as well as commercial spaces and recreational zone.

The real estate projects in Dhanbad are aiming not only to earn profit, but also for the

advancement of the city and to provide world class amenities to convert it into a beautiful city

to live in.