Year end final exam
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Year-End Final Exam. 2012 Mrs. Beatty. Fill out your Study Guide. I. Figurative Language. 1. Two roads diverged in a wood… A. metaphor B. simile C. Personification D. Hyperbole. II. Context Clues. “Fixing the Student Loan System”

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Year end final exam

Year-End Final Exam


Mrs. Beatty

I figurative language
I. Figurative Language

1. Two roads diverged in a wood…

A. metaphor

B. simile

C. Personification

D. Hyperbole

Ii context clues
II. Context Clues

“Fixing the Student Loan System”

In Room for Debate: How can young people get degrees without taking on an onerous financial burden?

1. In the above passage, onerous means

  • Small

  • Helpful

  • troublesome

Iii parallel episode
III. Parallel Episode

  • A parallel episode is

  • A recurring event

  • The time a place of a story

  • A comparison using like or as

  • Some other dumb answer

Iv plot elements
IV. Plot Elements

  • Why is setting important?


    2. What is the point called where the conflict is resolved?

  • Rising action

  • Resolution

  • Conflict (duh!)

  • Climax

V tone and mood
V. Tone and Mood

1. Tone is

  • The time and place of a story

  • The author’s attitude toward a work

  • The conflict

  • What your mom is always telling you to watch.

Vi thesis
VI. Thesis

1. Where does a thesis statement belong?


2. What is included in a thesis statement?

  • __________________

  • __________________

Vii persuasion
VII. Persuasion

  • If I told you that 25% of smokers will die of lung cancer, this would be an example of

  • Emotional appeal

  • Appeal to reason

  • Call to action

Vii persuasion1
VII. Persuasion

2. If I told you that my grandma smoked and died of lung cancer, this would be

  • Emotional appeal

  • Appeal to reason

  • Call to action

Vii persuasion2
VII. Persuasion

3. If I told you to write your congressman and ask for a state-wide ban on cigarette sales, this would be

  • Emotional appeal

  • Appeal to reason

  • Call to action

Viii ambiguity
VIII. Ambiguity

  • How can you fix this ambiguous headline?

    “Bill to Require Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients in the Making”

  • Drug Testing Bill in the Making for Welfare Recipients

  • Drug Recipients to Receive Welfare

  • Welfare Recipients To Be Drug Tested Per New Bill

Ix poetry
IX. Poetry

  • Narrative – A poem that tells a story

    • Ballad

    • Epic

Ix poetry1
IX. Poetry

  • Lyric– A poem that tells expresses emotion

    • Ode

    • Elegy

X theme
X. Theme

  • Things are seldom what they seem.

  • Love can conquer all.

  • Young people can often depend on family for support.

Xi sentence types
XI. Sentence Types

  • Simple

  • Compound

  • Complex

  • Compound-Complex

Sentence type
Sentence Type?

  • The tree stood in an empty field.

  • If at first you don’t succeed, you should try again.

  • Our dog barks, and our cat hides when the mailman comes to the door.