the red p anda an endangered species n.
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The Red P anda- an endangered species

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The Red P anda- an endangered species - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Red P anda- an endangered species. By Ella Agyeman. What are R ed P andas?. Red pandas are omnivorous mammals, about the size of a cat.

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what are r ed p andas
What are Red Pandas?
  • Red pandas are omnivorous mammals, about the size of a cat.
  • Red pandas are distantly related to the giant panda, along with the Raccoon, meaning Red Pandas have a family of their own. The Red Panda is also called the Lesser Panda and the Red Cat-Bear in their native habitats and the Fire Fox in Nepal.
  • The Red Panda lives in the mild forests of the Himalayas as high as 1,800 to 4,000 meters. These high mountain slopes have deciduous hardwood forests with a bamboo under-storey that is crucial in the Red Panda lifestyle.
threats to the red panda
Threats to the red panda
  • Often caught in traps or killed for their distinctive red pelts, red pandas are an extremely endangered species
  • Suffering intense habitat loss, there are estimated less than 3000 left
  • They can only eat bamboo until they are old enough for other foods . they reach their full adult size after about a year but there is, however, a high chance, an unfortunate 80%, that young Red Pandas will not reach full adulthood.
red pandas in the wild
Red Pandas in the wild
  • They eat mainly bamboo, as well as grasses, acorns, roots, berries and lichen. They will also eat insects, eggs, young birds and rodents.
  • Red pandas are nocturnal, solitary creatures, but they live in pairs during the mating season.
  • Red pandas leave their parents at about 12 months to live on their own in the wild.
  • Snow leopards are natural predators of red pandas but some birds will fly off with cubs