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Bringing Greetings to Michigan !

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Bringing Greetings to Michigan ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bringing Greetings to Michigan !. Greetings from Jensi Souders DKG International President. The Administrative Board. Headquarters Staff. < Corlea Plowman – Executive Director. < Phyllis Hickey – Operation Services Administrator.

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headquarters staff
Headquarters Staff

<Corlea Plowman – Executive Director

<Phyllis Hickey – Operation Services


Linda Eller – Information Services


<Nita Scott – Membership Services



Facts and Figures about DKG

  • Over 90,000 members
    • 2,700 chapters
      • 79 state organisations
        • 17 member countries
dkg michigan how are you
DKG MICHIGAN- How are you?

Your State Officers

State President – Olive Lane Horning

Executive Secretary – Sally Garrison

State Editor – J-Jay Pechta

State Treasurer – Loretta Miles

State Webmaster – Tamara Webster


Your International Personnel

Dr Paula Dent – PIP 1996-1998

- International Achievement Award 1999

Dr Helen Popovich – Chair, Educational

Excellence Committee

J-Jay Pechta – International Communicatios

Committee; Educational

Foundation Liaison


You have 63 chapters and approximately 1916 members.

  • Since 1983, members from Michigan have received $71,750 in DKG Scholarships, most recently Krista Hall in 2006-10. Keep the applications


  • Last year Jacqulyn Smart received a $1,000 award from the Cornetet Professional Development fund.

2 Michigan members received Educational Foundation funding for Renewed Projects 2012-13:

Judi Fisher from Northville for The Rose Project

and Carole Speidelfrom Sandusky for the Read

To Me project in Sanilac County.

  • World Fellowships in Michigan had been awarded to 19 women by 2011, totalling $64,900*.
  • 11 members from Michigan have been to the Leadership/Management seminar in Texas, worth $6,000 each.* Who will be next?
  • 2 of your members have been awarded Golden Gift Stipends.

Theme for 2010-2012

Embracing Our Vision · Designing Our Future

Members and chapters know that everything they do for:



early-career educators,

women and children………….


………makes an impact on our DKG vision,

Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide.


The impact we make collectively, through focused and united efforts, means that we are designing our future by contributing to educational success via the projects we are working on at chapter, state and international levels.

strengthening dkg at chapter level
Strengthening DKG at Chapter Level
  • The recent training of state organisation leaders emphasised chapter strengthening.
  • Educational Focus days at all regional conferences made an impact by presenting global contexts.
  • A new nomination process for international officers means that all members can be involved in deciding how the votes for each state are cast*.
strengthening dkg at chapter level1
Strengthening DKG at Chapter Level
  • New resources produced include:
    • New materials for introducing what DKG is all about
    • Revised and updated ideas for ceremonies
    • A brand new handbook for chapters and members, GoTo Guide now available
    • Revised Guidelines booklets
    • Models for providing leadership training available to all members by July
strengthening dkg at chapter level2
Strengthening DKG at Chapter Level
  • New resources continued:
    • Outline plans for chapter programmes and activities
    • Regular information in newsletters about our international project, Schools for Africa

Latest donation total: $70,804.16

    • Resources and ideas for supporting educators at the start of their careers
    • Strategic Action Plan training for states and chapters
strengthening dkg at chapter level3
Strengthening DKG at Chapter Level
  • More new resources:
    • Great strides in technology, with the DKG Network, weekly updating of the international website, use of Go to Meeting software for electronic meetings, the study of electronic elections, and a consistent, professional style for all our publications.
a personal message from the international president
A Personal Message from the International President

I hope that you have made your plans to attend our international convention in New York City, July 24-28. It is a truly ‘destination event’, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Workshop sessions will follow four strands:

Professional Practices,

Educational Excellence,

DKG and the Future,

and Personal/Cultural Enrichment.


The schedule has been planned that will allow you time on your own to enjoy what attracts you, whether it is sightseeing, shopping, museum browsing, or theatrical performances. Join us in a great city of the world, at a site that is within walking distance of Times Square, Central Park, the Rockefeller Centre, Broadway, and many other places in between.

We are building excitement and enjoyment that is contagious. We hear stories of greater camerarderie


and cohesiveness among members and chapters that let us know that we are well on our way to a successful future. All of us embrace a shared vision to make an impact on education through local, community efforts. Thank you for helping DKG to meet the needs of education in the 21st century, for helping us to design a future that will benefit us all.

Jensi Souders

2012 International Convention

Sheraton Hotel and Towers, NY

24-28 July

2013 Northeast Regional Conference

Portland, Maine

24-27 July