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www.bmjgroup.bmj.com. Agenda. Evidence Based Medicine Evidence Based Medicine Centre Best Practice BMJ Clinical Evidence BMJ Best Treatments. Evidence Based Medicine.

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Bmjgroup bmj


  • Evidence Based Medicine

    • Evidence Based Medicine Centre

    • Best Practice

    • BMJ Clinical Evidence

    • BMJ Best Treatments

Evidence based medicine
Evidence Based Medicine

  • "Evidence based" is a phrase that has become widely used in medicine and surgery. It refers to the process of making use of the best research evidence, combined with your own clinical expertise, integrated with an individual patient's situation to provide the best possible care.

  • Sackett DL, Rosenberg WM, Gray JA, Haynes RB, Richardson WS. Evidence based medicine: what it is and what it isn't. BMJ 1996;312(7023):71-2.

Bmj evidence centre


Best Practice

BMJ Clinical Evidence

BMJ Best Treatments

Bmjgroup bmj


  • core products: Best Practice, Clinical Evidence, Best Treatments

  • systematic reviews

  • evidence updates (previously BMJ updates)

  • Evidence surveillance (e.g. Map of Medicine)

  • EBM thought-leadership/standards

  • training

  • consultancy

  • news and opinion

Best practice



Bmjgroup bmj

Best Practice

  • A comprehensive online point of care tool with easy-to-find diagnostic and therapeutic information


  • Expert opinion and evidence-based content: diagnosis, treatment, prevention

  • 1000 conditions will be covered

  • Clinical Evidence integrated inside

  • Martindale drug database integrated

  • 180 patient leaflets

  • 200 guideline summaries

  • Over 3000 drugs

  • Personalisation Features – My BestPractice

  • Highly structured with ability to drill down to detail

Bmj clinical evidence1
BMJ Clinical Evidence

  • A compendium of the best available research & evidence findings on common and important clinical questions (systematic reviews)

  • Covers over 3000 interventions and over 570 clinical questions

  • Describes the questions, summary and background of a condition then benefits & harms of preventative and therapeutic interventions

  • Emphasis on the outcome for patients

  • Findings based on expert knowledge & evidence collected from detailed research using Cochrane Library, Medline, Embase and evidence based journals

  • Contributors, advisors and editors are all specialist expert clinicians

How is clinical evidence put together
How is Clinical Evidence put together ?

  • Select Topics: common conditions

    • Review data on consultation rates, morbidity, mortality

    • Advice and suggestions from clinicians and patient groups

  • Topic Planning: select the questions

    • Relevance to actual practice

    • Detailed and systematic appraisal of material

    • Quality check of EBM material and guidelines

  • Search & appraise literature: systematic reviews and RCT’s

    • Where no evidence: observational studies

    • Done by in-house specialists & contributions from external clinical specialists

  • Summarise the evidence: peer review and edit

    • Peer reviewed by at least 2 expert clinicians

    • Edited and compared with original papers

    • Consistency and quality measures also monitored

  • Feedback, error corrections and user responses

Bmj best treatments what is it
BMJ Best Treatments – What is it?

  • A health website for patients

  • Covers 180 chronic conditions and 1500 treatments

  • Written for patients in an easy to use and clear format

  • Based on Clinical Evidence

  • which treatments work, the drugs that may be used and any possible side effects

  • Advice on operations and tests

  • Helps patients balance benefits and risks of treatments

  • Leads to informed joint decisions between patients and doctors

  • Includes patient handouts

How can it be licensed
How can it be licensed?

  • As a subscription database to various health groups e.g. hospitals, patient centres, Ministries

  • Patient handouts in English or for translation

  • As a co-branded site for health organisations

Bmjgroup bmj


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Phone: 00 44 20 7383 6714