isolation of alumina al 2 o 3 at optimal maturity levels of peat n.
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Isolation of Alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) at Optimal Maturity Levels of Peat PowerPoint Presentation
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Isolation of Alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) at Optimal Maturity Levels of Peat

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Isolation of Alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) at Optimal Maturity Levels of Peat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Isolation of Alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) at Optimal Maturity Levels of Peat

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  1. Isolation of Alumina (Al2O3)at Optimal Maturity Levels of Peat Rosadi Hidayatullah1, Hesty Heryani2 and Susi3

  2. Introduction Alumina or aluminum oxide compound with the formula up Al2O3 is a compound consisting of 53% aluminum and 47% oxygen by weight based. Alpha alumina or aluminum oxide known as corundum, is a very inert material and is produced from heating alumina in another phase (Worral, 1986). Alumina can be isolated from peat soil, which indicates that this is its nature alumina can be renewed considering itself the result of weathering peat bog plants, in contrast to alumina derived from natural rock (Hadi, 2011). Seminar Internasional

  3. Research Method Analysis of Purity Alumina. Purity (crystallinity) of alumina peat soil analyzed by the instrument x - ray diffraction. Analysis of Yied Alumina. Determination of alumina content in peat soil analyzed by the instrument x - ray fluorens. Isolation of Alumina Analysis of Yield Alumina Purification Calcination Analysis of Purity Alumina Leaching Sintesis Alumina Seminar Internasional

  4. Results And Discussion Analysis waged alumina extraction yield of alumina in which the results are known in the peat soil was 21.77% dry basis. This shows that it contains alumina content in peat soils with greater than with alumina content of the data on peat soil in Banjar district in South Kalimantan Province Distamben (2008) is only 7.6%, so to get the required alumina in bulk peat a little Seminar Internasional

  5. Alumina isolated from peat soil through several stages. The first sampling and preparation of materials using peat drill. The peat soil physical characteristics dark gray, mushy, watery and sticky. Peat soil and then air-dried at home Sadai for 2-3 weeks to reduce the water content before smoothed for purification, the final result of the wind dry peat. Seminar Internasional

  6. Once dry wind, peat smoothed with a plastic hammer which results in coarse peat floured ready purified. At this stage the physical characteristics of peat soil with dark gray colored and scented sulfur (sulfur). Seminar Internasional

  7. Peat soil purification results for calcined resumes where the objective is the separation between the quartz (silica) with metallic elements in the peat soil. Seminar Internasional

  8. This then results in leacing where during this process the metal elements will be bound by that form HCl filtrate and silica will precipitate. The solution was precipitated Fe elements that exist in solution and then filtered. Seminar Internasional

  9. Screening results will be obtained white precipitate Al is still forming a paste. Pasta Al was then washed repeatedly with Akuadest to form alumina (Al2O3). The result is a small slab of Alumina are ready to use mortar in order to obtain refined coarse powder Alumina. Seminar Internasional

  10. The higher value of crystallinity of the material, the higher the level of purity of the material so that the level of performance ability of a material is also greater (Almalaika, S. and G. Csot, 1983). This means that the higher the value, the greater the crystallinity of alumina its absorptive capacity as the ability to absorb heavy metals adsorbent. In the process of isolation of crystalline Alumina peat soil which produced the white form has a crystallinity of 33.60% based on the results of analysis using x - ray diffaction Seminar Internasional

  11. Seminar Internasional