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Social Realism

Social Realism. Conventions. Residential areas, giving it a more realist feel as you see here, it’s not a high street or the town center and the field adds to the social realism.

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Social Realism

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  1. Social Realism

  2. Conventions Residential areas, giving it a more realist feel as you see here, it’s not a high street or the town center and the field adds to the social realism. Also here you have a hoodie with is a very common convection in Social Realism films, because the hoodies is such a common item of clothing

  3. Characters Karl is the son of the family. He is also momma’s boy, he is childish and selfish and is secretive, he also has a short tempter and very secretive. He’s not smart, and isn’t independent and always counts on others Bill is the father of the family. He thinks to highly of himself. He compares himself to others who are iconic, where as he is not. He is also untrustworthy.

  4. Garvey is a “friend” of the family but is used and abused emotional by the family and killed by Karl because he mentions his girlfriends sleeps around alot. Pringle is a so called assassin, but falls short went the family call him by bringing his son along, then because of all he knows about the family and because of Garvey death, the family kill him and his family.

  5. Maggie is the mother of the family, she controls the family and its business from the sidelines, she is cold and calculating. Eric is Maggie’s Brother and is killed by her cause he killed Pringle and he also helps Karl hide Garvey’s body after Karl kills him. He is does most of the families dirty work and has few morals.

  6. Mise-en-scene This is an good example of an establishing, and how the lighting in this films is mainly natural, this shot has Karl and Bill in suit, but in the film they never wear suits and Karl even calls it a money suit. This is an example of how most of the film is shot in the one house, the house is actually owned by Robert Hill (Bill) and the mise-en-scene is all natural.

  7. Kidulthood

  8. Conventions London/ rough Estates are a very common in social realism films they show the working class, when people see it in films they think of a tough life and gangs so it help convey the whole social realism message.

  9. Characters Sam is a Bully and disliked by most of his school/6th form, He steals Jay’s sister Gameboy from Jay then Trife, Jay and Moony jump him in his own flat then he kills Trifethen Trife tries to saves his life. Alisa and Becky and almost always together throughout the film, Becky is selling her body for drugs and money for her and Alisa to buy dresses for the party then she becomes jealous of Alisa looks so take most of the money for herself. Alisa is pregnant with Trifes baby, then keeps his baby after doing lots of drugs on a whole she isn’t very smart.

  10. Moony, Trife and Jay are a trio throughout the film Moony is a wanna be “hardman” always trying to impress the others, Trife is the somewhat leader of the group he always impresses, he keeps talking about his uncle but the other never seen his uncle so they tease him and tell him he making it up to look big, then you have Jay always talking the big talk, he always runs his mouth and tries to impress, but fails most of the time.

  11. Mise-en-scene Here we have the mise-en-scene of two characters, the mise en scene in this film is very light until later on in day it becomes dark to show how the day had become more and more dangerous through every action they make, these two scenes show how the two characters our in feeling the same because there friends have turned there back on them. The whole look of every character is a bit rough and (chav like) and shot like the ones I have shown just show how they are in a rough place (literally they are in a alley).

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